room scale

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    With Oculus Rift, is there any way to determine that you're facing the front cameras?

    I hate getting lost in my room-scale space. I was thinking it would be neat to approach your barrier, when the grid popped up, and maybe the front of the room the grid would appear a different color so you knew this was the front of your play area. Is there anything like this available? Thanks.
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    Best vr title for room scale??

    Setting up my room scale now with 3 sensors... looking to make my first game purchase.. which title will work great for room scale?? I have the oculus with touch if that matters. Have steam account as well. Good sized room.. 8x10 play area.
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    Current room scale implimentations

    So I've moved this conversation here. In a previous thread I compared the current 'room scale' implimentation (specifically both Vive wands and the unlreleased Oculus Touch) to the Wiimotes on their initial release. I sensed hostility. :) I fully admit that I've only used the Vive wands for...