1. A

    IPSEC on iPhone using pfSense

    Anyone got IPSEC to work on an iPhone using pfSense? I **think** I followed this guide: (1260) iPhone IPSEC VPN Setup - YouTube I have OpenVPN installed and working great. Not able to get IPSEC to work. I am running pfSense version 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) I appears to be connecting...
  2. A

    Help with static route in pfSense

    Not sure my setup is correctly implemented but I am trying to have one-way communications to a VLAN for cameras. Need to isolate camera network (VLAN3) from accessing the internet or any other internal network but I need to be able to reach into the VLAN3 network. Right now, the only way I can...
  3. Cerulean

    Troubleshooting TFTP/PXE with WDS VM and pfSense VM router

    This post is a continuation of the WDS VM / MDT imaging series: Troubleshooting TFTP/PXE with WDS VM and Ubiquiti Dream Machine Troubleshooting TFTP/PXE with WDS VM and MoFi Network MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V3 OpenWrt router Expectations of this thread: There is nothing to solve in this post as I...
  4. I

    Question about Ubiquiti UDM Pro, pfsense, and online gaming

    Hi all! I have a couple of questions about a specific Ubiquiti product, the Unifi Dream Machine Pro, as well as the network performance if a pfsense box were to be added as a firewall. First, can someone explain how the ui cloud account works with the UDM Pro in first time setup? I've read...
  5. V

    Gaming (until Zen 3) + Small server (Zoneminder) + Router (pfsense) recommendations

    Hello, first time poster, long time lurker here. As the title says I wanted to ask for some advise regarding three builds, compatibility and component recommendations. Have been out of the PC building for a long time now (last PC around the Core 2 Duo). 1. Gaming. Want to buy a build that...
  6. P

    Clarification: Is Motherboard WiFi mPCIe?

    I'm planning out a pfSense router and I am aware that pfSense is picky about WiFi hardware and best supports Atheros chipsets. If I buy a motherboard whose built-in WiFi is Realtek or some other not-so-well-supported/unsupported brand, can I remove the WiFi module and swap in a different one...
  7. A

    pfSense UPnP Not Working Properly

    (This is a re-upload cause I'm dumb posted my original in the gallery) So I'm still a bit new to the pfSense scene and have been having trouble getting UPnP to work properly on my home network. For instance, if I start a game (we'll just use Warframe for example), my pc sends UPnP requests to...
  8. A

    pfSense UPnP Not Working Properly

    So I'm still a bit new to the pfSense scene and have been having trouble getting UPnP to work properly on my home network. For instance, if I start a game (we'll just use Warframe for example), my pc sends UPnP requests to my pfSesne just fine and my pfSense seems to receive it just fine as...
  9. S

    Home Network Security Cocktail

    What's your flavor? Here's mine: FortiGate 60E NGFW (if you're in the industry you can get these free from Fortinet at various events/etc. - watch for them and sign up - the common combo is an 8 port managed switch, this, and an AP) - pfSense is great if you're a roll your own guy/open source...
  10. OFaceSIG

    pfsense RRD graphs suck after 2.4 upgrade

    So I recently built a new pfsense box and went from 2.3.x in 32-bit to 2.4.x with 64-bit. Holy crap what happened to the awesome RRD graphs? Everything else is awesomesauce in 2.4 except the graphs! What happened? Anyone else feel this way post 2.4 pfsense?
  11. OFaceSIG

    Low wattage appliance builds, router/NAS

    I just completed my third hardware build for pfsense. Pfsense is going to require aes-ni for version 2.5 so I decided to get ahead of the curve. The Ivy Bridge i5 3470T was the cheapest and lowest wattage AES-NI processor I could find at the time. I got it all together. Specs are in my sig...
  12. N

    Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, PFSense Appliance

    All gone [
  13. Schtask

    PfSense Teases Encryption For Version 2.5

    PfSense has just released updated hardware requirements for future versions of the companies software. For those not in the know, pfSense is an open source firewall computer software distribution that is built upon FreeBSD. Instead of specialized and costly equipment, pfSense is installed on a...
  14. E

    Router Upgrade for Gigabit Internet

    Cincinnati Bell Fioptics is getting installed next week, and I'm going to get their 1000 Mbps by 250 Mbps connection using fiber to the home. This will be a major improvement to my 8/3 WISP PPPOE connection that I'm getting fed up with because my internet is controlled by my county's fiscal...
  15. P

    [pfSense] Get OpenVPN Client To Accept DNS Entry Pushed From Server

    Hello -- I have set up an instance of pfSense to function as an OpenVPN client, connecting to a commercial VPN provider. However, I cannot seem to update the client with the provider's DNS server entry, which is pushed from the server to the client. I know in General Setup, DNS server entries...
  16. N

    Questions for PFSense users

    I have been playing with pfsense on a MSI u100 netbook and a usb ethernet adapter for some time to feed my network. Recently I picked up a Zotac Zbox CI323 Nano to be used as my Pfsense box. It has been given some really good reviews from what I have seen and the wireless I am going to take out...