pfSense UPnP Not Working Properly


Dec 13, 2018
So I'm still a bit new to the pfSense scene and have been having trouble getting UPnP to work properly on my home network.

For instance, if I start a game (we'll just use Warframe for example), my pc sends UPnP requests to my pfSesne just fine and my pfSense seems to receive it just fine as well, however it doesn't look like anything actually gets forwarded. Instead, I get a "neat" little popup in Warframe that tells me that my UPnP seems to be malfunctioning and that I need to manually forward ports instead. This kind of issue is happening in a bunch of games that I play. It's also happening on my brothers Xbox in a couple of games and with the Xbox Live connectivity on Xbox and PC.

No rules are added to the Port Forwarding or Firewall Rule menus either (although, I dont know if they normally would be on a normally functioning pfSense box)

The pic below shows that the pfSense is getting the UPnP requests and creating the appropriate rules.

Furthermore, I can use a port checker to see if the requested UPnP ports are actually open.... they aren't.

However, if I ask pfSense to check if that port is open, it succeeds.

I do understand that the Port Forward test failure could be because the UPnP forwards are using UDP ports.

Here are my settings on pfSense for UPnP:


My UPnP ACLs section is currently blank.
I am running a dual-stack network with ipv4 and native ipv6 through Charter.

Any help here is appreciated and let me know if you need any more info.


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