1. Darkswordz

    SOLD: EVGA GTX 1070 8GB

    I was using this EVGA GTX 1070 as a back-up GPU, but I've since upgraded and no longer need it. Only used for gaming. Kept clean in a smoke-free house. Paypal and U.S. lower 48 states only please. SOLD Heatware: Black & White: (46-0-0)
  2. hotdun

    SOLD: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming - 12GB - 12G-P5-3967-KR

    SOLD to robble! EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming 12GB Like new condition. Comes in original box with unopened accessories. $600 shipped Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XrvFvi1RZfLDE1xD7 Preferred Payment : PayPal F&F or Venmo Heatware: hotdun +61-0 -0 -...
  3. Darkswordz

    Warm? PNY RTX 4090 = $1,599.99 @ Best Buy

    I figure finding any RTX 4090 these days at the original MSRP is a pretty good deal. Best Buy has the PNY RTX 4090 currently in stock at $1,599.99. Not sure if there will be any good deals on Black Friday, but for now MSRP is MSRP. :cool:
  4. Red Falcon

    ADLINK Pocket AI NVIDIA External GPU RTX A500

    I'm surprised this one hasn't surfaced on here yet, a pocket AI solution by ADLINK featuring the NVIDIA RTX A500 with Thunderbolt 3.0/4.0 and USB 4.0 for connectivity. Not bad for a portable solution! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP_8TzDGGVU
  5. B

    FS: MSI Gaming X RTX 4060 8GB NIB $279 Shipped PP

    Like the title says. Brand new in box, still shrink wrapped. $279 shipped via Paypal. My heat is: https://www.heatware.com/u/1815/to
  6. Armenius

    Half-Life 2 RTX

    NVIDIA and the community are developing another Remix mod, this time for Half-Life 2. It will include support for the recently revealed DLSS 3.5 with ray reconstruction. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/half-life-2-rtx-remix-in-development/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM_gzfAMdNs
  7. C

    SOLD: BNIB XBOX Series S 512GB - $200

    XBOX Series S 512GB - BNIB/Sealed Price: $OLD It's an Xbox Series S, not much else to it. Bought it on sale a while back and eventually decided to get the X instead. As I'm past the return date, selling the Series S - brand new, never opened, still sealed. nVidia GTX 1070 Founders edition...
  8. S


    Selling a NIB Asus RTX 4090 TUF OC Local DFW sale meet in Arlington, TX $1,650 last call heading back to Best Buy in 2 hours
  9. H

    SOLD: EVGA 3080 Ti XC3 Modded

    I am selling my EVGA 3080 Ti XC3. I picked this up about a year ago and immediately replaced all the thermal pads, thermal paste, and added a CoolMyGPU heating plate. It's never had any issues. I'm asking SOLD via FF or Zelle, which includes shipping. My heatware is here. Here it is in my...
  10. K

    FS: RTX 3070, MSI B660M Mortar WIFI Motherboard + 16GB RAM, Macbook Pro M1 14", Macbook Pro M1 16", AMD Ryzen 9 7900 Combo, Corsair ML120 Fans

    Images: https://postimg.cc/gallery/Rz6LcX5 Shipping is available in the contiguous US and is NOT included in the prices. Local pickup for cash is available near Cleveland, OH RTX 3070 8GB: $330 + Shipping Pulled from an HP Omen. I've never mined on the card and never even checked if it was...
  11. S

    FS NIB Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC DFW local sale **Last chance going back to BB in the am**

    Selling a NIB Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC $1,650. Local DFW cash or zelle pickup in Arlington. Snooze you loose back in Best Buy's hands now Heat
  12. funkydmunky

    I want a new GPU for VR!

    The market so sucks atm. We aren't in a minning boom yet prices are lofty still. I had high hopes for the new AMD 7900 series. They fattened the bus over the 6000 series so there shouldn't be a 4K+ VR drop, and they gave as usual, far more RAM per $ then Nvidia. But for some reason (limited...
  13. cageymaru

    NVIDIA Touts AI Initiatives in Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2023

    NVIDIA has released its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal 2023. CEO Jensen Huang emphasized the direction of the company towards a generative AI future. "AI is at an inflection point, setting up for broad adoption reaching into every industry,” said Jensen Huang, founder and...
  14. Darkswordz

    SOLD: Zotac Gaming RTX 3090

    I'm selling a Zotac Gaming RTX 3090 since I've recently upgraded to a 4090. Kept in good condition in a smoke free environment. - SOLD - Shipping to lower U.S. 48 states. Verified Paypal only please. Heatware: Black & White (46-0-0)
  15. S


    Heat Brand new sealed local pickup in Arlington, TX. Not really looking to ship ATM but maybe I can be swayed. Currently have one but should have another ready by the 20th. This one was ready a day early so...... $1786 Local Cash or zelle ($1,649.99+$136 tax)Sold
  16. Darkswordz

    WTB: 3060 Ti FE

    I'm looking to buy an RTX 3060 Ti FE, in good condition and preferably not mined with. Must include the 12-pin power adapter cable. Looking for $275.00 shipped to Virginia. Heatware (46-0-0)
  17. D

    [ALL ITEMS SOLD] FS: Sapphire Nitro 7900XTX,Intel 12600KF,4080 FE, Corsair DDR5, G.Skill Flare X5, ROG Strix Z690-G, ROG Strix B660-i

    I've accumulated too much and need to purge. Condition of all gear is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. I purchased all gear new in box.I am based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and will meet locally at my choice of location within a 10 mile radius of my home in...
  18. K

    PCI-SIG Tells GPU Makers to Improve Testing in Response to Nvidia 12VHPWR Lawsuit

    PCI-SIG Tells GPU Makers to Improve Testing in Response to Nvidia 12VHPWR Lawsuit By Andrew E. Freedman The Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group, more colloquially known as PCI-SIG, has seemingly called out the companies selling products with the 16-pin 12VHPWR power...
  19. D

    FS: EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming [SOLD]

    I have the GPU below available. Condition of it is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee), price listed is shipped via my choice of carriers, insured, slowest speed. The speed is upgradable at your expense. I only...
  20. cageymaru

    Can An AM2-Era Cooler Tame the Beast? AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    Gordon Mah Ung of PCWorld and Maximum PC fame has installed a Thermaltake AMD AM2 cooler from circa 2004 - 2007 onto a modern 16C/32T AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. Watch him work through various thermal issues as he attempts to get the system to achieve stability for benchmarks. His detailed history of...
  21. D

    [ALL SOLD] FS: Asus TUF 4090 OC - BNIB, EVGA 3060Ti

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee), price listed is shipped via my choice of carriers, insured, slowest speed. The speed is upgradable at...
  22. Mr. Bluntman

    FS/FT: nVIDIA Titan X Pascal 12GB GDDR5X - 1 DAY FIRE SALE $200 SHIPPED or for Radeon Pro WX7100

    EDIT: Sold to groebuck... Thank you! Hello! I have a lightly used nVIDIA Titan X Pascal card with box and insert (sans driver-DVD) that I need to part with due to life happening and needing the funds. I am the second owner. The first owner mainly had the card sit unused in an X99 test...
  23. D

    FS: [PRICE DROP] [ALL SOLD] EVGA 3090Ti Hybrid, 3070Ti FE, 11th and 12th Gen Mobos and CPUs

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order. I am the first / only owner (with the exception of the 3070Ti I purchased BNIB from a [H] member) in a non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee) or Zelle...
  24. Armenius

    Portal with RTX

  25. D

    EVGA GTX 980 Ti dropped dead after changing thermal paste

    Hey all! I have had quite a joyride past five days. Last Saturday I ran into an issue, that my PC crashed when I was booting up more intensive games. No biggie, maybe a temp issue right? Well, I fired up HWinfo64 monitoring and logged data to check whether it'd be a temperature issue, whilst...
  26. Armenius

    NVIDIA announces May 23 Computex 2022 Keynote, the company will present ‘the latest products for gamers’

    The keynote airs tonight at 20:00 PDT/23:00 EDT https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-announces-may-23-computex-2022-keynote-the-company-will-present-the-latest-products-for-gamers NVIDIA today announced it will hold a keynote on Computex 2022. The company’s keynote will include 6 speakers...
  27. TheHig

    FS|EVGA 2080 Super XC $500 shipped conus SOLD

    Offering what is still below Ebay and the like on this GPU. I do have the retail box in storage and will pack the card in that and then an outer box. No mining here just games on my second PC. I purchased it open box at Microcenter not too long after launch so consider it working 'As is' and...
  28. FrgMstr

    HardOCP.com: Status Quo is No Mo

    HardOCP.com: Status Quo is No Mo Primarily I am going to discuss MSRP pricing, and the direction of the consumer hardware reviews industry overall.

    Nvidia unveils AI-powered downscaling DLDSR and ray tracing filter

    Techspot Article: https://www.techspot.com/news/92952-latest-nvidia-drivers-reveal-ai-powered-downscaling-feature.html And here's Nvidia's own comparison webpage for showcasing these features...
  30. FrgMstr

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless @ HardOCP.com

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless "There are a lot of talking heads squawking nowadays about video card MSRP, otherwise known as “Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.” You might also see this referred to in company slides as, “SEP,” or “Suggested Etail Pricing.”"
  31. Armenius

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    EDIT: Adding link to NVIDIA's CES address, which starts today at 11:00 EST/08:00 PST. Original post below the video. Videocardz got the scoop on pics of the 3090 Ti and its specs. It will be officially revealed at CES today. The card comes with 21 GT/s GDDR6X and a 10% higher boost clock...
  32. DusterAZ

    FS: EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER *SOLD*

    *SOLD* shipped EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC GAMING 8GB graphics card for sale. In excellent condition and includes box. Model number 08G-P4-3172-KR

    FS: Razer Streaming set! | Kiyo Pro webcam, Seiren X microphone and Atheris wireless gaming mouse | FREE SHIPPING!

    Hey [H]ardforum, Today I have an all RAZER sale. I'm liquidating my personal inventory so I can make way to purchase some items for the kids this holiday season. So, my loss is your gain. I'm selling the following Like New/Barely used condition items: Razer Kiyo Pro webcam (MSRP $199.99) Razer...
  34. chronage

    SOLD: Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti Gaming OC 11GB Video Card

    SOLD GTX 1080Ti 11GB GDDR5X with box. Runs 1440p games and even VR like a champ. I side-graded (downgraded?) to a 3060Ti. $500 + shipping in the U.S or local pickup in Nashville suburbs. I accept Google Pay, ETH/BTC, Venmo or PayPal (you cover fees). heatware - established heat members only...
  35. T

    3060 Ti lhr very inconsistent mining with Nicehash.

    Recently bought a brand new RTX 3060 Ti lhr dual. Been mining on same rig before with a GTX 1070. Was getting very consistent results with nicehash quickminer. switched the 1070 out with the 3060, now i only get $2.80 avg with quickminer. where nicehash says i should be getting up to 4.87 a day...
  36. Armenius

    NVIDIA DLSS for Proton + Linux with DirectX 11/12 lands in September

    DLSS was recently added for Vulkan when using Proton, but now NVIDIA has revealed at Gamescom today that it is also coming for DirectX 11 and 12 games very soon. https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/08/nvidia-dlss-for-proton-linux-with-directx-11-12-lands-in-september
  37. the X

    GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE LGA 1200 Motherboard with AIO. brand new

    http://ebay.us/2LpqKz?cmpnId=5338273189 No longer on Newegg as far as i can see. Rare? Anyway, it came with a combo video card and i went AMD few months before i won Newegg Shuffle, so dont need this
  38. S

    FS: MSI Gaming X GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Overclocked and GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ULTRA AMD Ryzen 3000 MB

    I recently got a 3080 via Newegg Shuffle, so I'm selling my old card and the motherboard I had to purchase with the 3080. SOLD Card: Purchased 5/2018 from Microcenter. Haven't had an issue with it since purchase. I've never touched the voltage or clock speeds on it. I've also never mined with...
  39. I

    NVIDIA card w/ FreeSync - Pixelated graphics (especially hair)

    I've noticed it just on a few games - Marvel's Avengers, Modern Warfare Warzone, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mafia 1 Definitive Edition. It's generally more perceptible on hair (beard), lines and detailed environments (high LOD). Dunno if is it a bug because of the nvidia freesync combination...
  40. I

    ***CLOSED*** FS: GTX 970 and 4690k - discount if purchased together