1. D

    Replacement controller for original Rift?

    A friend has the original rift and one of the Motion controllers broke so he ordered a new one. He didn't know the Rift-S uses new controllers and that is all they have now on the Oculus site. The new Touch controller will not sync\detect with the original. Seems strange they just completely...
  2. M

    Not being paid for this but you HAVE to check out Sairento VR!!!

    Just found out about this game the other day. Man, it's amazing. Sort of typical FPS it looks like but what's special is that you can manipulate time and your movement...while teleportation...does so in real time so you can actually shoot enemies while you're leaping through the air and moving...
  3. bluesynk

    Made a [H]arder sim chair.

    About a month ago, I built a sim chair. It came out pretty well and I shared it here and around and told my friends. Most replies were kind and positive. But one guy, innocently enough, asked "what does it move or something?" I was crushed. No it did not. I started looking around and found...