mini itx

  1. S

    WTB: B550 ITX motherboard

    I am looking for two models in particular: - Asus ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard: - MSI MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard...
  2. D

    Done for now - new thread soon

    FS/FT - Retired laptops, projector, mini-ITX system, iPhones, etc….. All items traded/sold as is, non DOA only. WILL TRADE FOR: Larger Apple or Android 5G Phones,1TB or Larger SSDs and DX12 video card, even lower end. I can add cash to even out the trade for some items. Cont US only for...
  3. Z

    SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    Hello once again, As you all know, Sentry 2.0 crowdfunding campaign ended almost 2 years ago. In the last few months we received many, many emails, pm’s and tweets from you guys asking if we will make another run of the case. Because of the pandemic situation last year was very busy for us at...
  4. W

    FS/Part Out: SFF Gaming PC

  5. F

    The 4L case: The future of gaming PCs or too much compromise required?

    I have noticed a few people expressing a desire for a sub 4L case that allows for a short dual slot graphics card and miniITX motherboard, so I figured I would start this thread as a place for people to talk about it without feeling bad about hijacking some other thread. There have been a...
  6. hotdun

    FS: ITX MB's - SFX PSU's - 3770K - 4770K's

    Pictures: Link Heatware: hotdun ========================================================= All Sold ========================================================= SOLD 1. Asus P8Z77-M micro ATX Motherboard 2. Intel 4770K 3. Intel 3770K 4. Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe mini ITX Motherboard with...
  7. T

    WTB: H87, Z87, H97, or Z97 m-itx motherboard

    Looking to buy H87, Z87, H97, or Z97 mini itx motherboard. LMK
  8. M

    I need an AIO cooling solution for my long 980ti in a Define Nano S

    First off, here is my build: It's functionally complete and up and running right now. But there's still a few minor things to do and one big issue. Cable management isn't done well yet either, but only because I know I'm going to have to...
  9. J

    Final Thoughts on ~$2280 USD mini ITX PC?

    Hello In early June I will be purchasing new computer hardware for a new PC I will be building using the Dan Cases A4 SFX (version 2) computer case. I have a maximum spending budget of $2280 USD, and will be purchasing the parts from Taipei during Computex, where they use US currency. The...
  10. P

    FS: Mini ITX tower i7-6700K | Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 | 16GB DDR4 | Noctua NH-U12S | EVGA 650W P2

    Looking for $599 + shipping. If you're interested, just send me a zip code and I'll see what the rates look like. Though I'd prefer not to, I'm willing to part this out, with a preference for keeping as many components together as possible. Just send me your best offer, keeping in mind...
  11. J

    Smallest Mac Mini with Kabylake

    Recently I replaced my Desktop with small form factor PC. It is an excellent experience when customizing a computer. Now I present you my tiny HTPC that runs MacOS Sierra. It doesn't have any Graphics card because my aim is to make it smaller, so I'm using the Intel HD Graphics. HTPC...
  12. P

    Mini ITX, Rampage V, Ceton Tuners, Galaxy S6, GTX980

    Greetings ladies & gentlemen, the below items are indeed for sale and everything is OBO (within reason). Shipping will be UPS ground and items are available for local pickup in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. Below are the parts making up my Mini ITX System. If someone wants the package...
  13. D

    Should I be using water or air cooling on my mini itx build?

    Hey guys. I'm new here and I came looking for some advice. If you could help that'd be amazing. So I built my first computer build in January. It was a big undertaking for me, and it came after a period where I was going through a rough time so it meant a lot for me that i could do something...
  14. M

    Supermicro Mini-ITX 8 Core Server Board w/16gb Kingston ECC RAM

    Purchased to use in a NAS that never formulated. There are plenty reviews online regarding this board so I wont go into how capable it is, the features outnumber all the cool things you can do with you fingers and toes. Kingston was nice enough to provide 16gb (2x 8Gb) sticks of ECC RAM at MSRP...
  15. Asianic

    Can I build a virtually SILENT/COOL Gaming PC in the SG13?

    I've compiled a list of the parts I'll be getting and looking for critique/advice based on what I really need. The few goals I had in mind were -- * Cheap * SILENT (Extremely **Anal**) * LOW-TEMPS (Extremely **Anal**) I'm a student on a low budget so I really can't go any higher with a few...
  16. S

    Best 48mm high or smaller cooler that can cool my i7 6700k?

    I'm planning on building a Mini ITX PC with my i7 6700k in a Dan a4 sfx computer case, which can only fit a 48mm tall cpu cooler. The processor is rated for 135W and I need a good cooler to keep it happy even under extreme heavy load. Any and all suggestions that fit this exceptionally small...
  17. DudeThe

    WTB - Chromebox or Win HTPC/Desktop (Cheap)

    Hi, I want to buy a Chromebox or Windows (OS not necessary) HTPC/Desktop for someone, they don't have a decent PC. I'm paying for it and need a cheap one. 1080p YouTube capabilities and HDMI output is required. A wireless keyboard/Mouse/Webcam add on would be great. Shipping to 15237...
  18. L

    Custom Mini ITX Case

    Custom Mini ITX PC Case Message me with any questions!