1. DooKey

    Facebook Wants Messages in TV Ads That Force Your Phone to Record Audio

    Facebook speaks out of both sides of their mouth it seems. For the longest time they have said they don't turn on your mic and yet they just received a patent for software that turns on your mic when certain TV ads broadcast an inaudible signal. It appears this is to find out what you/re...
  2. A

    semirigid headset mic missing

    any place i can buy a short stereo-mini (3.5mm) type mic, short, semirigid (e.g. 6" length extension) ? I have a headset but the mic became detached and is missing. I see a similar concept (for example) with this shure mic...
  3. D

    wake up my pc with smartphone,no work always

    hi to all i'm new well on my motherboard asus bios on apm deep s4 , deep s3 , restore ac power loss , ring, rtc and PCIE/PCI (lan) and nothing else after the bios update , wake via usb and ps/2 disapeared , deep s4 & 3 are disabled i have enabled wake up via PCIE/PCI (lan) and i have...
  4. J

    How can I have sidetone with in ear headphones and a standalone mic?

    I need a mic to talk to friends when I am playing games, but I hate using over the ear headsets; for me, they are uncomfortable, they give me a headache, and they hurt my ears after a while. My problem is that over the ear headsets are the only way I know of to have a sidetone, I cannot use a...
  5. D

    WANT TO BUY: Yeti Mic

    Heat under dirksquarejaw and in sig. have paypal ready. Best method of contact is PM. There has to be someone who has one sitting in a closet going unused. Would like to pay less than $70 as there was a current deal through gamestop that has given some options available through ebay.
  6. U

    Best IEM Noise Cancelling Headset

    I already posted this in the Phone subforum, but got no responses. Locked it and now posting it here... Budget is preferably =/< $40. Yes I want them to be IEM. Yes I want a mic. Yes I want noise cancelling and not just noise isolation. This is for plane trips. Nothing annoys me more than...