1. R

    razer blackwidow elite spamming issue maybe hardware or

    hello everyone I need help to spamming issue I had Blackwidow Elite germany green switch keyboard maybe the progam broken auto spamming and auto locking my pc I tried 7 times for fix that doesnt work if uninstall synapse 3.0 keys doesnt work if install automatically spamming keys someone...
  2. L

    External Monitor goes black for few seconds

    Hi everyone, I have an external monitor connected to my laptop. The problem is that very often the external screen goes black for few seconds. Consider that the problem occurs with both windows and ubuntu and that my laptop has an HDMI port and a usb C- display port. Here is what I tried to...
  3. scojer

    Did I get a bad MoBo?

    I just got the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 and everything worked just fine. Booted it up, installed Windows, downloaded new BIOS updated it, rebooted just fine. The Motherboard software updated with windows updates, reset computer. It won't post I tried to boot from the backup bios that didn't...
  4. M

    My Hard-drive going bad?

    Hey guys, This all started when "ERROR LOADING OS'' message popped up in the initial stage of starting of the PC. Luckily, I have managed to fix this issue for now, I was able to back up all my data. It looks like my hard- drive going bad I have run all different type of diagnostics tool like...
  5. DooKey

    After Nearly 20 years, the Space Station is Getting a Printer Upgrade

    The astronauts in the ISS have been printing 1000 pages a month off of two printers ever since the ISS has been inhabited. However, they are finally getting replacements for their Epson 800 Inkjet printers. Yes, you read that right. The latest is an HP ENVY Zero-Gravity printer and it's...
  6. S

    Oculus Touch Controller, trigger dampening

    Got an Oculus /w Touch last week since I figured the sale would end and I couldn't pass it up, but after a week of light gameplay the left trigger on my touch controller has lost it's dampened feel. The trigger is now quite loud and is pretty audible through the headphones at times. Anyone else...
  7. A

    Going mad with this issue

    Hello Hard Forum, this is my first post here, if i dont respect some rules let me know :) Now here is my issue: -My PC is freezing randomly, i have to hard reset it. Now what i tried: -Passing memtest(0 errors) -Passing Crystal Disk(0 errors) -Changed Motherboard -Tried with different RAMs -Used...
  8. W

    Thrustmaster TX Itali 458 Stand up Pro (yellow button and Xbox button only works)

    Hi everyone! So I was troubleshooting for a client. Their Thrustmaster Wheel TX stopped working all of a sudden. I have already done the "hard reset" for the wheel. Here is the exact issue that's happening: The game turns on, the wheel spins as it should when plugged in and re calibrates...