1. Blorgon

    [Help] Constant DNS lookup failures

    A few weeks ago, I started getting intermittent DNS lookup failures. I looked into it, and everything I found suggested switching to Google's public DNS. So I switched to that in my router's settings, but I still had problems, albeit a little less frequently. Eventually I got fed up and forced...
  2. E

    Windows 10 Updates other computers on Internet...

    So our internet at work today was at a crawl, and surprisingly I traced it to one PC which appeared to have a virus but more digging revealed it was the Windows Update system uploading to external IP's outside the network. Apparently windows 10 by default allows the PC's to act as torrents...
  3. J

    Does Fiber PCI cards really worth it if I have a FTTH connection?

    I recently acquired a FTTH connection (thanks Google) but is connected through a media converter, so my router is actually connected to an ethernet that receives internet from fiber. But i don't know if I should invest in a PCI cards or a Fiber router and buy a fiber patch cord. also which...
  4. Starrbuck

    FS: Kaspersky Internet Security - 1 YR for 3 Devices - PC/Mac/Mobile - $10

    Selling up to 3x keys that expire on 3/3/2017 Paypal $10 gets you emailed key the same day you purchase