1. Armenius

    GRID Legends

  2. Armenius

    GRID 2019

    Codemasters revealed today that a new entry in the GRID series will be releasing September 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The game looks to be a return to its roots, featuring multiple disciplines set within the GRID career system established in the first game (seventh game in...
  3. cageymaru

    Tesla Buys Maxwell Technologies

    Tesla has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Maxwell Technologies for $4.75 per share. Maxwell will become a Tesla subsidiary and will be wholly owned by Tesla. Maxwell is developer and manufacturer of Innovative, cost-effective energy and power delivery solutions. The company is...
  4. A

    KD43X720E with GTX 970 flickering green pixels

    So I just picked up a Sony KD43X720E from Costco to use as a monitor and everything looks great, except in certain warm grays, there are flickering green pixels arranged in a grid like pattern. The grid is consistent and across the whole display and always the same pixels. It's hard to capture...