KD43X720E with GTX 970 flickering green pixels

Dec 19, 2017
So I just picked up a Sony KD43X720E from Costco to use as a monitor and everything looks great, except in certain warm grays, there are flickering green pixels arranged in a grid like pattern. The grid is consistent and across the whole display and always the same pixels.

It's hard to capture a photo as they flicker at different rates, while some remain solid green. I've adjusted the contrast a bit and circled the pixels in the photo below.

My GTX 970 is the only source I can test that can output 4k 4:4:4, and this is the only 4k display I can test it on that has HDR, another older 4k TV works properly with this card.

In the nvidia control panel I have it set to 60hz, RGB, full dynamic range. Lowering any one of these settings the issue goes away. I've tested multiple cables and drivers and different scene modes and settings on the tv, still with the same issue

I can consistently reproduce this flickering green pixel grid pattern. I pulled up photoshop fullscreen and adjusted a gray slider until I can see the flickering.

I plan on picking up a UN40MU6290 on boxing day to compare as I was deciding between one of these 2 to keep, I can't narrow down if its my video card or the display until then. Does anyone know what the issue may be or what it's called? I haven't had much luck searching or what keywords to use


Hey I have the same card as you ,and x800E and I ve had the same issues.. I've tried everything under the sun and then some, different cables, settings, ( even both control panel and tv settings ) even the expensive 100$ monster cable...nothing Worked.

The conclusion is that just this graphics card and this Sony Tv don't play well with each other for some reason, there is some "mis communication"..... Sony 'inputs dont' recongnize the output from this card correctly.

at first i thought i got a defective tv , but it doesn't appear so after i ran the 444 test

I m going to return mine and most likely either going to pick up an OLED or the new samsung one next week after xmas sale.

If you look at my thread history you'll see my issues were the exact same as yours.
i had the same problem with the samsung 6300 4k tv. Both of them, a 40 and 43".

it just didn't like my gtx1060 from the hdmi port.

The only thing that stopped the flickering dots was a usb-c/displayport to hdmi adapter dongle, using the same hdmi cable as before.

I returned both samsungs.
TCL, hisense, Sharp, all have no issues with my gtx1060.
So as a update, I wasn't able to solve the issue or test the display port as I didn't have an adapter, but DP should work as mentioned above.
I did get and test the UN40MU6290 and I prefer it much more over the KD43X720E. Mainly because it has no issues with my GTX 970, such as the flickering dots and intermittent blackouts I was experiencing. I addition for my desk setup the VA panel on the Samsung looks much better and blacks as darker without the IPS glow. Big thanks to Kdawg for testing the 40/43" MU6300 whcih convinced me to try a VA panel out.
Input lag is pretty much the same between both. Sony's stand is better, less wobbly and my PC tower fits perfectly behind the tv between it's legs; Samsung has fat middle leg in the back. Other than that for $150 cheaper I'm keeping the Samsung and returning the Sony.
i fixed my Tv issue , but wasn't cheap, and but the time i fixed it, decided to with a 900e.

- needs the monster 27 mphs wire
- needs a 1080 card
- sony software update

but the 900E plays much better and was on sale last week
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