1. Erebus

    SOLD: Surface Go 128GB + Signature (Alcantara) Type Cover

    For sale: Like new Surface Go 128GB model (8GB ram) with a Signature Type Cover (Alcantara Type Cover) and tempered glass screen protector (and spare). This is the Wifi version (no LTE). No Pen, no microSD card included. Has light surface scratching on the back of the device from very light use...
  2. cageymaru

    Oculus Seeks to Invest into Location-Based Virtual Reality

    Facebook's Oculus subsidiary is testing the waters for investments into location-based VR centers such as movie theaters and arcades in malls. They seek to strike deals with the producers of VR content and the owners of the establishments to use and promote Oculus products. They also seek to...
  3. H

    thoughts on oculus go?

    Hey guys, curious about this thing as i havent really heard much buzz around it. I got a rift for home use (racing sims is my fav).. but i travel for work every week, so im only home on weekends.. but thinking that I fly alot and stay in hotels alot, would the oculus go be pretty good in that...
  4. R

    Watch Streaming TV On Oculus Go, With Oculus TV

    AndroidCenteral is reporting that available today on the Oculus Store is a new app called Oculus TV. Available for free after downloading the app will transport you to a virtual living room, with a 180" equivalent screen, where you can watch content from Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Pluto TV and...
  5. K

    ASUS Wi-Fi GO! Module Replacement Antenna Options?

    I have an ASUS Z270i Strix motherboard and I was looking around to figure out if I can use another type of antenna for the Wi-Fi module. I don't want to have a plastic thing sitting on top of my case with wires going to the I/O shield. Instead I'd rather have a couple of hard antenna on the back...
  6. cageymaru

    Super Smash Bros Professional Destroyed by Machine Learning

    So you may have seen humans get destroyed in chess by machine learning and thought that will never happen to me. Then machine learning took over the Go strategy game scene and you probably yawned because you've never thought of playing it. Well a small research team from MIT decided to use...