Oculus Seeks to Invest into Location-Based Virtual Reality


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Apr 10, 2003
Facebook's Oculus subsidiary is testing the waters for investments into location-based VR centers such as movie theaters and arcades in malls. They seek to strike deals with the producers of VR content and the owners of the establishments to use and promote Oculus products. They also seek to sell their VR headsets to visitors of the establishments who have just experienced VR for the first time and want to bring it home with them.

Oculus has a position open as a "Producer - location based entertainment VR" that job description includes "build & curate portfolio of location based experiences in collaboration with LBE (Location Based Experience) stakeholders at Oculus." "Whoever gets the job will have to "source content from potential LBE partners," "develop relationships with best-in-class LBE partners and developers," "negotiate developer deals," and more."

Oculus head of experiences Colum Slevin used his talk at the conference to highlight a number of location-based VR experiences, and the way these experiences could promote headset sales. "We love the idea of an audience being able to go to a destination, and have an experience, and love that experience and continue that adventure at home," he said. "This is something we are working really closely with a number of partners on, how we can tie a location-based experience to an in-home experience."
It'd be interesting to have an arena type game where physical players in the theater are surrounded by "virtual" players from home, perhaps as enemies or assistence/ghost type characters (due to the added latency)... does that setup ever occur in lan-parties or conventions, connecting internet and local based networks?
seeing how well my now wireless vive pro is working, it would be neat to see centers like the old laser tag places, but instead pure VR
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