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  1. viivo

    Samsung Gear VR comfort compared to Rift?

    I was unable to fully immerse myself into VR when I had an Oculus Rift due to the poor display quality and extreme discomfort from wearing it over glasses. It's a few years later now and my tablets are having trouble streaming high quality video, leaving my Note 8 as the only mobile device I...
  2. FrgMstr

    Samsung Gear VR Lens Mod for HTC VIVE

    The latest rage is voiding your HTC VIVE and PRO's warranty by ripping the fresnel lenses out and replacing those with the clear lenses from the Samsung Gear VR headset that you would use with your smartphone. The upside is that you get rid of some of the banding associated with fresnel lenses...
  3. U

    Mint, unlocked S7 with tons of extras!

    This is a brand new Galaxy S7 (TMobile version) that has been carrier unlocked and supports all major carrier bands. It was barely used for a month before I got another phone from work, so no marks or scratches, it is 100% brand new. It comes with: 1. One Evutec slim tough case + 2 extra tpu...
  4. S

    Gear VR: Intriguing, exciting, disappointing, expensive, immature?

    Click-bait title, maybe, but it's how I'm feeling after about 2 hours screwing around with a Samsung Gear VR and a Galaxy S7 Edge. Mind you this is the original model which I found on clearance locally for $25; at that price I figured why not? The S7 Edge isn't on the officially supported list...
  5. FrgMstr

    Fix Your Samsung Gear VR Problems

    Samsung Gear VR is still the best selling VR device going, and of course it is a great way to ease into VR before going whole hog on a system like the Vive that we love and use a lot. However, as with any new hardware, it is not without its issues. Joy of Android has a great article put...
  6. cageymaru

    ZeniMax Files for Injunction Over Oculus Code

    Zenimax has filed an injunction to block sales of Oculus Rift licensed hardware and software that contains disputed code from an earlier lawsuit and subsequent trial. Earlier this year Zenimax was successful in pursuing charges against Oculus that they infringed upon their software and Oculus...
  7. S

    VR content (porn, movies, ect)

    I was curious how these are shot? I want to get starVR whenever it comes out and i am curious if current stuff is only shot at 100 degrees or 200 or 360. Is content made for the future or only for current devices? Also how does that work on different devices? If one device is 100 another is 120...
  8. Nebell

    How much better is Vive/Oculus compared to Samsung VR?

    I was thinking about buying a new phone, and my carrier offered me S7 Edge with some Marshall headphones and Gear VR 2.0. So I went with it. I tried Gear VR and it was alright. I didn't try any games, just looked around a bit in 360 still photos and tried to surf the net. It was interesting but...
  9. U

    Dragon Front

    Anyone else playing this on the Rift/Gear VR? Currently in beta and free, they're asking a pretty penny for the full game. If you're into card games at all this is a must. I haven't used the Rift all that much since I got it but I've spent 8-10 hours this week inside playing Dragon Front...
  10. grifter_66

    Oculus Connect 3 Announcements.

    A lot of really good stuff announced today. Oculus Touch Is $199, Shipping December 6th, Final Design Revealed Three new previously unannounced Touch game Lone Echo from Ready At Dawn Games Robo Recall from Epic Games Arktika 1 from 4A Games A -very- brief look at Oculus Quill How...
  11. Dan

    need controller recc for GS7 edge that has a phone holder + is good for samsung gear VR

    title says it all really. Bought a galaxy S7 Edge and picking up a gear VR soon. Ive been playing a lot of emulated FFVII (i actually have a physical copy if it breaks any rules). I want to be able to use a controller for both normal android games, emulators and when i start using the gear vr...
  12. H

    Gear VR - Worth the Limited Experience?

    I'm sure it's been asked a million times on this forum, but my wife told me I'm just throwing away money. Can you guys that have used it give me some ammunition to use on her to throw away $100 on this?
  13. Morphes

    [H] Poll: Which HMD did you order?

    Just curious what the guys on [H] are going with and why. I went with the Oculus Rift because it looks more comfy and they have had so much time to perfect their SDK. Plus as shitty as it sounds, they seem to have exclusive titles but steam doesn't. I want to play games, so I went with Rift. I...
  14. Z

    Quake VR / Sideload VR

    For any of those interested, You can get more Gear VR Apps through this app... I have tried the Quake VR and Youtube VR app and both are worth trying. SideloadVR for GearVR - Android Apps on Google Play. - Sideload VR App Link - Installation instructions if needed. - Video of Quake VR Gameplay.