How much better is Vive/Oculus compared to Samsung VR?


Jul 20, 2015
I was thinking about buying a new phone, and my carrier offered me S7 Edge with some Marshall headphones and Gear VR 2.0. So I went with it.
I tried Gear VR and it was alright. I didn't try any games, just looked around a bit in 360 still photos and tried to surf the net. It was interesting but pixels were clearly noticable. However it is definitely something I can think of having a lot of fun with.
I know Vive/Oculus are way better and in their own league, but actually how much better?
I have nowhere to try VIve/Oculus, so I'm turning to you guys.
If you mean you can see the pixels as in the physical subpixels on the display, then Vive/Rift aren't going to be much better. An S7 Edge actually has 40% more pixels than rift or vive (though it is probably not using all of them in VR).

If you mean you can see blockiness on the rendered image then PC headsets can be much better.

The biggest difference would be positional tracking and motion controls. That is what makes VR interesting to me.

If you're on the fence, and the money is not peanuts to you, then you should definitely find a way to try it out first.
The immersive gaming experience is going to be miles better on a dedicated headset.
Nebell, you need to look into the type of content you hope to experience to make that decision.
If its anything to you I returned my Oculus. Just didn't feel enough was available content wise to make it worth the expense. I spent about $70.00 on addtl apps but can't return those.
Played The Brookhaven Experience for hours last night. That game is NUTS! Will truly get you into the moment.