1. Zarathustra[H]

    *SOLD* FS: 12x 10TB 7200rpm Seagate Enterprise (Exos) 10TB Drives ~40k Hours Logged

    For sale are the drives listed in the table below. They will come in one fancy box courtesy of Seagate (they actually sent me this box with only one drive in it) Full SMART output and picture of each drive are behind spoiler tags under the table. Drive History: 1.) Drives were bought new...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    Enterprise SSD's are now TLC???

    I just got this marketing email blast from SuperMicro telling the world they are selling Enteprise SSD's What stood out to me is that they are calling these "Enterprise Drives", but every last one of them is TLC. Is that really what is being used in Enterprise applications these days...
  3. MooCow

    FS: WD RE Enterprise 1TB Hard Drives + Bitspower 7/16ths x 5/8th Rotary Compression Fittings + Rotary G1/4th extension fittings

    https://www.heatware.com/u/52718/to Paypal G&S preferred Update: Paypal G&S Fee's will be added on to final cost. I'm using https://thefeecalculator.com/ (trying to abide with new 1099-K rules). Update: Added Bits power 7/16th x 5/8th 90 degree rotary fittings (4 used, 1 new in bag), two 90...
  4. anabioz

    * SOLD *

  5. AceGoober

    Patch, or your (HP Enterprise) solid state drives (could) roll over and die

    Note: original article title edited for pertenance to hardware affected. Hackaday is reporting certain models of HP Enterprise SSD drives suffer from a software bug which could cause the drives to stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime. The drives are supplied by a third party manufacturer...
  6. cageymaru

    The Bring Up Tackles Remote Workstations and AMD Pro Software Features

    AMD has a web series called "The Bring Up" and this week it tackled remote workstation usage and new features coming to AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q1 Release. I thought the Radeon Pro Image Boost was interesting as it does exactly as it says; boosts the quality of images. The...
  7. cageymaru

    AMD Reported Its Q4 and Annual 2018 Financial Results

    AMD has reported its Q4 2018 and annual 2018 financial results. The Q4 revenue was $1.42B, with earnings of 8 cents per share; an increase of 6% y/y. This missed Wall Street estimates of $1.44 billion in revenue. AMD reported that the growth was driven by the Computing and Graphics segment...
  8. cageymaru

    New Google+ API Bug Affects 52 Million Consumers and Enterprise Customers

    A new Google+ API bug has been discovered and it affects 52 million consumers and enterprise customers. Google discovered the bug and believes that no app developers knew of or exploited the system in the 6 days that the bug was present. This discovery has made Google rethink the August 2019...
  9. Zarathustra[H]

    Scary SMART Values on New Seagate Enterprise Drives?

    Hey all, So, I'm 4 disks into my "swap all 12 drives in my NAS with larger drives and resilver to grow my ZFS pool" project, and decided to go with 10TB Seagate Helium Enterprise drives (ST10000NM0016) The four drives I have thus far come from two orders of two drives each. Two from Newegg...
  10. D

    FS: The Beginnings of Your Great Lab ALL SOLD!

    EVERYTHING SOLD! Thank you again to everyone who sent PMs and commented in the thread!
  11. FrgMstr

    AMD Launches EPYC Enterprise CPUs Available Today @ [H]

    AMD Launches EPYC Enterprise CPUs Available Today - AMD held it official EPYC enterprise CPU launch today in Austin, TX. If you are not aware of EPYC, it is quite simply AMD's effort to get back into the datacenters that are now firmly held by Intel Xeon processors. What do you get when you...
  12. FrgMstr

    Enthusiast Hardware Builders Go Enterprise

    Many of us long-time PC hardware enthusiasts are well aware of that the core companies that were behind the first enthusiast PC motherboards, have spent a lot of resources over the past decade diversifying their businesses. This article over at DigiTimes, which short on data, does mention that...
  13. X

    Discounted Enterprise Drives vs Consumer Drives

    Hey all, I am looking to pickup a new solid state drive for my brother's birthday. He currently has a 250GB solid state drive that he has filled. I just noticed Newegg has some refurbished enterprise drives on sale... SAMSUNG Data Center Series SV843 2.5" 960GB SATA III V1 MLC VNAND...
  14. B

    Mixing SATA & SAS on an SAS3 Backplane

    I bought a Supermicro SC847 with SAS3 backplanes. My hba is an m1015 but I plan to upgrade to an SAS3 hba at some point. My disks will always be used in JBOD mode. I can't see myself ever using hardware raid. I have a bunch of consumer SATA disks but I need more space and I'm looking at...