1. C

    Setting up Lan Cache Docker DNS in windows server hyper V?

    i’m trying to get lan cache working in docker on an Ubuntu VM in hyper V. i’ve figured out that the network in hyper V needs to reach out side as does the docker network! i’m just not sure how to navigate and configure the docket network. last time i tried this, i could ping the ubuntu VM but...
  2. S

    internal - domain has subdomain but user needs site URL using just domain

    Quick question. Our company domain is sub.company.com. A user is working on an internal site and wants internal traffic to hit sub2.company.com. We added a DNS search suffix to include *.company.com but that didn't work. We just need this for internal traffic. I'm not sure how direct requests...
  3. B

    Why Sometimes I Can't Access Some Websites Through Cable Modem?

    Hello, I am non-US and have issues connecting to some websites through my ISP's cable modem, be it wired connection or wireless. However I have no such issue connecting through my cellular provider's 4G LTE internet. In both cases I tried connecting from smartphone and laptop through wireless...
  4. rec0d3

    QoS with DNS?

    Is it possible to do quality of service through DNS? Perhaps a service? If not, what is the best router to do this? I have Verizon FIOS and was looking at the nighthawk router by Netgear? Perhaps a Linksys router, I've always been fond of.
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    How Hackers Hijacked a Bank’s Entire Online Operation

    At the Security Analyst Summit yesterday, Kaspersky Labs researchers announced the results of a deep dive into the top-to-bottom compromise of a Brazilian bank's online presence. Last October, for a weekend, hackers took control of the bank's DNS account and hijacked all 36 of their domains...
  6. Q

    Has someone tripped over the cable again? Or DNS / DDOS issue?

    I'm getting the message below: Is there a DNS issue? Or is some scrote doing a DDOS?
  7. Blorgon

    [Help] Constant DNS lookup failures

    A few weeks ago, I started getting intermittent DNS lookup failures. I looked into it, and everything I found suggested switching to Google's public DNS. So I switched to that in my router's settings, but I still had problems, albeit a little less frequently. Eventually I got fed up and forced...
  8. B

    DNS issue every 10 minutes

    Hi, I'm having DNS issues on all of my devices (on my desktop, macbook, mobile, and even my Amazon Fire Stick) every 10 minutes or so. I've tried flushing DNS cache on all of the devices, resetting my cable modem and router, but nothing seems to be helping. This issue suddenly appeared a couple...
  9. rezerekted

    Is this fishy?

    TRACEROUTE (using port 80/tcp) HOP RTT ADDRESS 1 1.79 ms xxx.xxx.x.xxx 2 18.23 ms <THIS? 3 19.78 ms plalca01ci01.bb.telus.com ( 4 13.51 ms cache.google.com ( Starting Nmap 6.40 ( Nmap: the Network Mapper - Free Security Scanner ) at...
  10. S

    2 Asus Routers and Smart DNS Question

    I have an Asus 87AC and rt66 and have been using a smart DNS service for 4-5months without issues The asus RT66 is the main router with the DNS on it, and the asus 87 AC has been setup as an AP, getting an IP from the RT66 along with DNS. The smart DNS is for region unblocking from a 3rd party...