1. AlphaAtlas

    Euclideon Holographic Technology is Back in Arcade Tables

    Back in 2011, we interviewed Bruce Dell, the CEO of the then controversial company Euclideon. 5 years later, we interviewed them again as the company was showing off their "holographic room" technology. Now, it seems that technology has made the jump to a smaller form factor, as Euclideon has...
  2. cageymaru

    Oculus Seeks to Invest into Location-Based Virtual Reality

    Facebook's Oculus subsidiary is testing the waters for investments into location-based VR centers such as movie theaters and arcades in malls. They seek to strike deals with the producers of VR content and the owners of the establishments to use and promote Oculus products. They also seek to...
  3. L

    Operation Warcade VR

    Really fun game if you were a fan of the original Operation Wolf with the light gun in the arcade. They really upgraded it and it works well in VR. It's still mainly on the rails kind of shooter but it's well worth the price especially now with a 30% off since it just came out of Early Access.