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Hey 3dfan, as my name suggest I own a scratched FW900. I wanted to ask for some of your direct thoughts on the car tint and how its been in the long term.
Namely curious about the films glare reduction, how good is it? Glare isn't a big concern for me as there is controlled lighting in my set up. That's just my one main question really, but I'd love to hear any thoughts you have like how tolerable the bubbles are etc
happy with car polarizer, still good condition, small bubbles easy ignorable, mainly installed it to preserve blacks. for glare i havent payed attention and dont remember about glare when the original AG coating was on it, its image quality overall is very good, brightfull enough, can perseive blacks much better than withuout any film on it screen, which was too grayish blacks were only persiebale in dark room
Sent you a message on heatware.
its pending locally tomorrow. If the guy no shows ill let ya know and its yours
U still want the 3090ti? Lmk. I can get it shipped today. You cans send the $850 friends and family and then she the half of shipping when I ship.
U really need to start posting, lol.
Yeah I still want it. Let me know the email to send on Paypal. If you dont wan't to post it on here you can reply on Heatware. I know I need to start posting on here. New years resolution :p
Hey I'm interested in you gigabyte aorus master 6800 xt, but can't PM. Can you email me at regular40us (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks!
Hello! Was wondering if you still have the Aperture Science PC, and if you are interested in selling it?