YouTube TV Becomes Presenting Partner For the NBA Finals


May 13, 2013
YouTube TV announced this morning that as the result of a multi-year partnership it will become the presenting sponsor of the 2018 NBA Finals per an article from TechCrunch. YouTube is hoping the move will raise awareness of the streaming service, and the deal will also see YouTube TV be the presenting sponsor for the WNBA Finals, and the NBA G League.

Call me skeptical, but I don't think this will help, based on the response we say earlier this month when YouTube TV raised the price by $5 per month.

“The NBA and ESPN have a history of creating innovative sponsorships, and this certainly qualifies,” said Wendell Scott, Senior Vice President, Multimedia Sales, ESPN, in a statement. “YouTube TV is a next generation partner for an ascendant league and we look forward to working with them to maximize the impact of their investment across ABC and the ESPN platform.”
Does anyone actually watch the WNBA?

I’ve watched more G League games in the last 3 years. Go Santa Cruz Warriors!
Now we know why they raised their prices, so they could do this deal.
Well, the NBA is facing the same problem as every other televised spectator sport. Get your shit together in the online space or wither away slowly.
couldn't agree more, what itunes (napster) did for the CD, Netflix to the DVD, will eventually do to Cable TV, regardless of how much they try to maintain their legacy (monopoly).
How the hell is it that I can't get a Bucks game OTA in Wisconsin but I get the Bucks G league games OTA? What do the finals matter when you can't even watch a regular season game?

Edit: I didn't see this is WNBA but still, comment applies.