YMMV - Possible PPD improvement

I don't know. I am sure it did something. Check these two images out.

This one was taken at 10AM EST yesterday.

We were 1.3M points ahead of P3DN!
Then this image was taken right after our bunker drop at 12PM just now. So a little over a day.

We gained 1,360,936 points on them in that time. Not sure if we would have done that without the bunker strategy or not.
Well it certainly stopped the decline in my pph.

We've also been helped by new rigs coming online and fastgeek going even faster. He upped his game yesterday to within a gnat's bollock of half a million boinc credits and is on course to exceed that today :cool:
Yeah good point. Plus I've recruited a good amount of people. Including someone with a 1950X Thread Ripper. :cool:
Possibly. I'm not sure where they clicked the link, but I've got 22 new recruits this week so far and another 4 pending.
I got at least one new recruit I wasn't expecting. So, maybe.
... upped his game yesterday to within a gnat's bollock of...

"A gnats bollock?!" OMFG! LOL in a big way! :LOL::ROFLMAO: If I were home I'd try to do the bunkering rigmarole; but you lot will just have to be content with what those boxes are able to do as is. :p