Yamakasi DS270 AH-IPS 2560x1440


Jan 22, 2013
Finally. The eagle has landed! 3 days delivery from Korea to Denmark.

What an Amazing screen. It's even better than both my iMac and Cinema I use at work.

Not a single stuck pixel, and only a tiny bit BLB at the bottom, thats insane! Its alot less than my 2 old HP LP2475W IPS screens. I'm speechless!

Only bad thing is the stand, I'm pretty sure I have to the whole thing appart the remove it. So that's sucks when my Desk Vesa mount is on the way. :(

Anyway, here it is!





So do you actually have to take the whole thing apart to remove the stand? Which seller did you buy from? Im keen on getting one of these
I'm in Sweden and I'm really interested in from where you bought it, how much, customs, taxes?

edit: Found it on ebay and they ship to my country free of charge $349.90..seems like a good deal if customs and taxes aren't stupid high

edit 2: yeah fuck. Customs = 0-20%, VAT = 25%. Assumin customs take 20%, total would be $507
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Haven't heard of this monitor before, good to hear some impressions :)

could you show some reflections on this monitor? is it glossy or semi-glossy with coating?

would you describe small text on white background to be cristal sharp (like on a retina display if you happen to have that) or slightly blurry due to coating?

thanks for any info
Plasma coating make a big difference to other IPS glare like Samsung 970D, Apple or Hazro ?