XFX HD R7770 ghost thermal fan acting strange - Help needed

Apr 5, 2016
Ok so after hours of searching this morning Im at the end of my rope. I installed a xfx hd R7770 ghost into the machine and noticed that the gpu fan started for a second, then stopped.

Everything works fine operationally besides the fan. I installed MSI Afterburner to monitor temps while playing. Once the temps hit 80c the fan kicked on at what had to be max rpm for a few seconds then stopped. Few seconds later started up again.

I noticed that Crimson wanted me to update the drivers so i did. The fan started working like normal until i tried to decrease the rpm with afterburner and it stopped again.

So at this point i just cleaned the drivers and installed the latest driver through crimson. Still nothing from the fan. GPU temps arent bad but i'm really confused. Could it be an AMD driver issue? Obviously the fan works...

Thanks for any input.
do you have any hardware monitoring software with fan control installed? ie: speedfan or open hardware monitor. those may interfere with it. you could also try creating a custom fan curve in afterburner.
I didn't have any third party software installed when the problem started. The card came from an old build of my brothers. He had the same issue and said that he updated the driver and it fixed it somehow. But he can't be for sure (go figure). So i guess what i'll do is try the card in his rig and see if it works. I doubt he wiped the drivers.

I'm not too fond of AMD or the software involved.
The crimson drivers have been a massive improvement over catalyst drivers. If the problem started in afterburner try uninstalling it. See if that helps.
Thanks. I'll try uninstalling Afterburner.. So Crimson Drivers differ from Catalyst? I was under the impression that they went hand in hand.
crimson is what they call the newest driver/software package and there have been some big improvements since it was introduced. But I have seen other people have issues with having it and other software trying to do the same thing. Ie both it and afterburner could be fighting for control of the fan. With one release I had issues with it fighting afterburner to control my OCs....

Edit: This can happen any time two pieces of software try to control or monitor the same thing.
yea I dont use afterburner to control fans with newer crimson driver.....its not needed one bit. Go in and tweak each application with whatever fan speed it should need. Before the crimson drivers afterburner was needed but not really anymore.
Update: After using DDU and reinstalling Crimson drivers, Crimson software (AMD Settings) won't open for me. The icon shows in the tray and then disappears. Not sure what's going on with that. However i know the fan is good because i reinstalled afterburner and set the fan speed to 100%. Fan starts right up. I can't bring it down any lower than 100% without it shutting off. There's gotta be something i'm missing here..
Hmmm I'd remove ab, run ddu twice and reinstall just crimson again. Make sure ddu runs in safe mode too. Also pull the card and see how the fans spin when you flick em. If they are not spinning freely by hand it could be requiring full power to get them goin. If they are seizing up that could be the prob.
The fan spins freely when i manually flick it. I took it apart and oiled it etc.... I'll try DDU twice like you suggested and install crimson again. If that doesn't work I guess i'll try a fresh windows install.