XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

Good solid construction, modular connectors, quaility internals and lives up to rated specs.
my precious we's could use another power supply we could. But the nasty lil hobbitsis don't want us to have the precious.
Any brand smart enough to be use Seasonic is a plus. XFX offer great psus at a great price... and the current brand in my main rig.
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Well, I like that one because it's green. And also, power supplies make my computer work. That is good.
I havent tried any of thier PSU's yet, but if they are as good as the vid cards I have then I will definately put them on the short list when buying my next power supply.
Thanks, Mike
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I need a modular psu about 750-850 watts for my next build. it has to has to be cool looking because I have blue leds in the case, and I'm adding more. XFX!

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The modular design..

and now onto the joke!

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I like that XFX took time to add a bit of design flair to the shape of the PSU.
I like the fact that both are 88% efficient, no need to waste anymore power than I already do.
Plus the 70A single rail design and wattages make it a winner.
Modular design is definitely a plus. I'm getting really sick of all the extra crap in my cases!
Rumor had it XFX originally named these PSU's after Chuck Norris, but changed it to "Black Edition" when they realized measuring wattage in "Roundhouse Kicks" was too much for man to comprehend.

Is it still considered wussing out since I referenced Chuck Norris? Or does that result in a paradox that is now going to undo reality?

Also, XFX has good warranties!
I've not used an XFX PSU, but I love my seasonic and their the OEM supplier, so thats a plus. Anyway, I like the looks of their designs and I've almost bought them in the past (ended up finding a seasonic X-650 gold for a great price or I woulda had an XFX modular). Great company and always a top choice for me.
The green fan would look great with some LEDs shining on it, and I like the way they did an all modular design.
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