XenForo & XenPorta 2 users?


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Jun 10, 2004
I'm planning to build a community site with a typical "news" front page & free / paid forum.

Choices are:
  • XenForo & XenPorta 2
  • Wordpress & XenForo
  • Drupal 8 & XenForo or the standard Drupal forum (modded over time)

Is anybody here using any of these combinations - or do you have something else going on?

Thanks in advance for your input & advice.
My first choice was Wordpress & XenForo, but Porta 2 looks pretty good & I can use it to create a multi-column front page.

I have a good bit of experience as an admin w/ WP but the forums for WP are not so good...

I have been doing a Drupal 8 tutorial w/ a sandbox install, but Drupal will take some serious work.

I will probably buy XenForo & XenPorta 2 this weekend & experiment, but I was hoping someone was using them together.

PS: admins, this is probably in the wrong place, please move it where you see fit...
Maybe I should have posted in: Webmastering & Programming
*Thanks for moving the thread admins. You guys are great!

I just bought Xenforo ($140) and Xenporta 2 ($40).

I will be using Xenforo - regardless of my what I use for my news page.

Since Xenporta 2 is only $40, it is worth exploring...

I'm building a dev site first , so if anyone is interested, I can post my impressions here.

If nobody expresses interest, I'll just STFU and stop talking to myself. :D

Xenporta 2 Demos:
Youtube: 8WAYRUN.TV
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YES!!!!!! After a few corrupt file hiccups - solved by FTP re-up - xenforo is now installed to my /dev folder!!!!!!

However, I could not resolve permission issues w/ the xenporta 2 install & had to ask for help in the forum...
Figured out how to install the Xenporta 2 add-on!!!!!!!!

That stuff was easy enough... but OMG, now I need to write content!
I haven't spent much time with it, but I'm NOT lovin' the Xenporta 2 add-on...

I found the FAQ page with some videos and need to work thru them before my final decision.

I am leaning toward the Wordpress newspage & WooCommerce t-shirt & swag shop + xenforo forum.

Comments will be disabled on WP & I'll post a link to the forum thread like [H] does (radically different audience, so no foul).

Members have to register on the forum & again on WooCommerce to buy stuff. No biggie unless you're a whiner...


I was playing the video on column width while typing this & he gave me an idea!

I'll let that idea simmer until I actually decide what to do - everything is a sandbox at this stage.

Glad you guys are paying attention. ;)