XBOX 360 VGA and Optical 5.1 Audio Question

Cannibal Corpse

Sep 22, 2002
Hey All,
The component has the optical 5.1 audio connector. If I want to use VGA cable where do I plug my optical 5.1 sound then?

Please don't tell me I can't use optical 5.1 when I have VGA cable plugged in.
I really want to know the answer to this as well.

I have heard different things. Someone told me there is only a s/pdif (looks likea headphone plug) and it only does stereo. Someone else said there is infact an optical out from the VGA cord.

Someone please settle this once and for all.
There is an optical out or you can use the analog L/R RCA plugs.

You can buy a $5 adapter from Radio Shack for the RCA ---> mini-plug.
my vga cable has the optical plug on it, so straight from that to your reciever. It also comes with the adapter from red/white cables to a headphone style one to plug into your audio-in on the pc. and if your monitor only has one input then it has a converter thing to let you plug your monitor cable straight into the vga cable on the 360.
the Microsoft one has it in the same place as their component cable.
I'm sure they all have an optical connector...maybe not an optical CORD coming out of it, but like the last poster said, it's probably on the same spot as it is on the component cable that comes with the 360 premiums.
no probably, I have the thing sitting a foot away from me, its right at the base of the connector (the part that plugs into the console).