X99 - Turbo-Boost with Xeons?


Sep 5, 2014
I remember some time ago you could run something like the Xeon e3 1231 v3 on some Asrock boards with all cores set to the max turbo boost, meaning all 4 cores would boost to 3,8 GHz. How is it on the X99 Platform? I know that intel later put an end to this with a microcode update, but the older BIOS versions are still floating around the web. Was there anything like this on X99?

Most Xeons have different turbo-states, e.g. the allcore-turbo granting a slight boost to all cores as long as powerlimits and thermals allow it. So have there been some X99 Motherboards that allowed to up this all-core frequency to the max boost level that normally only 1 core reaches?