X299 Three long beeps and no output to console error


Limp Gawd
Aug 28, 2021
I have an MSI X299 SLI Plus that I've been using with a 1080ti to do my media server. I swapped monitors today and then all hell broke loose. Now, I can't get the thing to boot properly. I get three long beeps and the led code D6, which is a no output to console error...GPU type thing.

So I try resetting the bios. Nothing. Try swapping the GPU. Nope. Try swapping slots. Nope.

Any ideas as to what is going on??
Well the obvious step 1 - identify the beep code.

If 3 long beeps are heard, remove all
memory modules and try to install only
one memory module in the DIMMC1 slot
first and then restart the computer.
Yeah, that was the first thing I tried before even identifying the codes....no dice.
Test the RAM on another board, use different RAM in same board or start the RMA process on the RAM. Really nothing else to go on here.