WTS - 5800x $165 Shipped

Feb 19, 2014
5800x - $165 Shipped
This was in my garage (finished) PC that has sat idle mainly since the mining days. Never mined on, i only did GPU mining. Used occasionally for gaming. Upgraded to 5800x3d. Unsure if I have original packaging but do have AMD clamshell.

Thanks for looking!
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Heatware under SchlitzBull.
CONUS only please
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FYI, if you need some, I have a boatload of 140mm Corsair fans, SATA/USB cables and other assorted parts that I will let go for cheap....and will gladly make a package deal too :)

jlmk !
Looking for a gpu to pair with a 9600k for my arcade cabinet. Would be cool to have something strong enough for current fighters at 1080p but not necessary. Price trumps perf for this one.

Thanks for looking!
PayPal - heatware under SchlitzBull.
I just listed a nearly new RTX 3050 that may fit your bill. Let me know.
As a home built and designed myself cab owner, I am all about the ol'glory days, so just wondering what a "current fighter" is? And what kinda emulator is being used?
Sorry not meant as a derail, but these topics come up rarely i thought i would ask.
Mk11, tekken 7, the new Turtles game. I guess current arcade style games. Fighters, beat em ups, shmups, etc