WTB: $2k worth of Bitcoin.


Limp Gawd
Jun 15, 2011
Hey everyone, I need about $2k worth of BTC. I'll pay current market price. It's taking too long to get the BTC into my coinbase account from my bank so if anyone has any BTC they want to unload, PM me.

Please have history of positive transactions on here as well as good heat otherwise I won't deal with you. I've never used an escrow service for BTC yet but have signed up at bitrated.com anyways.

It would work best for me if i can paypal you the cash after you send me the BTC, hence my asking for someone with good history that I can trust somewhat.

My heat: https://www.heatware.com/u/83784/to

If you have suggestions for better transacting in this space, feel free to comment but respect this thread as a WTB thread and not for discussion.
Just did my very first transaction on bitrated.com... was smooth and seamless. Worked really well for an escrow service! If you don't have a good history here or that cannot be verified, I will ask we go through bitrated. Still looking for more BTC!
i have like $600 I was saving for a purchase but that fell apart, LMK if interested.
Business completed with d.v. and let me say I have never had a smoother transaction, ever. WOW. I would not hesitate to jump at the chance to do business with them again!