WTB: 12 series combo (cpu + board + rams) and a single 10 or 11 series cpu


Limp Gawd
Sep 2, 2016
Looking to purchase a 12700/12900k with a good motherboard and a 32gb set of ram.
Together with this (mandatory), it should be shipped a single good working 10700k/10900k or 11700k/11900k, to match another combo I have (optionally I can purchase a second 32gb ram kit).

So resuming I'm looking for a singe transaction (and shipment) with 12series cpu+board+ram --AND-- 10/11series cpu (optional ram)... All shipped in the 12 series board box together.

I know there are people that have several of this combos, so will be waiting to hear which combo and price you have! PM me please with details.
Payment via PayPal.
Thanks in advance.
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Up. Still looking.
Any 10700k/10900k alone is welcome too if the price is good! LMK