Would anyone want this?


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Oct 11, 2007
If I was to post this (FB/CL etc), or sell it via the store I work at, what do you think?
The case is very nice, and everything came with it (Brand new from a warehouse in a time capsule lol) So I figured I would stick an old 775 build into this, upgrade the ram to max it out with win 10.
THEN, I got to thinking. What if this isn't enough? (BUt if it is, I really would keep it as is.)

I could upgrade the mobo to a LGA 775 DDR3 Mobo, and max out DDR3, and maybe upgrade the CPU (I at the moment, have no clue what the CPU is.)

I got on amazon.
This looks amazing. I could remove the CD Drive (DVD Multi Super, but the frame is black) and upgrade the guts with an AMD Ryzen build as a hell of a sleeper.
I saw these: https://www.amazon.com/DOCK-Bracket-Mount-Adapter-Drive/dp/B00SNCLGL4/ref=sr_1_6?creativeASIN=B01IE37ZRU&linkCode=w61&imprToken=VrzNbV2grA-VhcIDppWnFw&slotNum=0&ie=UTF8&qid=1491594309&sr=8-6&keywords=5.25+2.5+drive&tag=823814-20&th=1

And this, could handle a nice GFX card. I just would stick with the PSU.
What does peeps think? And if I did keep it as is right now, what would anyone pay?

My first go with a old school look like this.
I will get pictures of the PC with the sides and top on.
PSU is FSP Group 500w


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On a serious note, when I was thinking about a AMD Ryzen build in this, and since my own AMD Ryzen build has RGB just by the fact its there, I thought the same thing.
However, sometimes its more fun to be imaginative. Set the RGB lights for what might be there, on breathe. In a unique color, and it would shine out the vents of the panel with air vents.
Sometimes a person loves a mystery xD
LGA775 DDR3 boards aren't the easiest to come by and are usually overpriced. 2xDDR2 dimm slots means realistically you are capped at 4GB unless you want to pay absurd pricing for "low-density" 4GB modules and then you are stuck at 8GB.

If you like the aesthetic of the case, keep the case and sell the parts inside. IMO, it's not worth it even for a retro build.
I have an LGA 775 (intel core2quad 2.83 GHz) I'm using to type this post. It has a high quality big Noctua CPU cooler with a 120mm quiet fan. It's actually a very capable computer for me today, even though I built it in 2008. It has literally 16GB DDR2 800 RAM (4x4GB) which was a huge amount of RAM at the time. I'm in the process of building something new, so if you're interested in any of this (motherboard, CPU & cooler, RAM), please let me know.
I've got a core 2 quad also, it is for running real time Linux to run my desktop CNC machine... I think it's got 6GB ram now. It is actually a pretty capable machine but it's a sff dell which was perfect for its current job. Fast enough, but not something I would bother to spend $ to upgrade or find a 1/2 height graphics card for or anything. If swingdjted has some cheap parts, it may be fun to build, but it'll still be old and slow compared to even a cheap ryzen/i3 build. Most people doing old builds run old OSes, if you're putting windows 10 I'm not even convinced you'll be able to track down all the drivers you'll need. Personally I would do the ryzen build, the 3100/3300x are coming out in like 2 weeks if your looking for good gaming and a low budget. Otherwise 3600 is still a great CPU for a decent price. Does that PSU even have all the necessary connectors you would need? What is the use case for the PC or realistic budget?
I ended up gutting it back out. I think the motherboard ended up being bad. TBH when I rebuilt it, I didnt test the mobo. As it was an old one I used back then, then gave to my sister, and since got back.
However, the case I ended up reusing for my dell laptop which is still a damn nice system, after replacing the mobo on it once, and once the screen, the screen was broken again.

So to save headache, time and other things, I rigged it into this case.
That actually sounds like a fun project to put laptop guts into a case and just figure out how to make it work. Seconded on the pics. I'd like to see that. I may need to maybe use my old guts to make a secondary computer for the garage or basement if the parts don't sell.
Argh, i love you guys. Please bare with me and i will. i hink i got pics before i figured how to get it to work, and ill get some after. my kb needs repaird first.lol.
Thanks for the interest. :D