Yea I always say ill stay around for just one more, next thing i know its 7 AM and i have to be at work in an hour.
im off tomorrow woohoo pretty tired still only got 4 hours of sleep last night so i doubt ill make it much longer
Your right I apologize. Was just typing to keep myself awake longer. But I was posting a lot on the previous pages because the woot offs where selling out really quick and some where just broke.
Well this is looking like another long one, so I'm off to bed, see yall in the morning GL. Hopefully there wont be a BOC while I'm sleeping
Polaroid i832 8 Megapixel Digital Camera
$119.99 + $5 shipping
Yea this camera is gonna kill it for awhile. It's moving at a snails pace.
PNI Steeleye Cordless Rechargeable Radar/Laser Detector
$39.99+ $5 shipping
Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000
$13.37+ $5 shipping

just what I need, another mouse...
hey only took 6.5 hours, and they put up a mouse, just what i was waiting for, didnt even look at the specs just need a mouse wanted to buy something i guess.
This has just gotten ridiculous. Someone please buy these things so we can move on.
Yea.. very good price, but I was hoping for it to be 720p or I would have bit. :p
:/ The cable modem was down last night so didn't get to go check woot, I had a feeling that there was going to be a good deal and what ya know the cable modem had to be down for the begining of the woot off! Better tell my dad to sign up for woot just incase theres a very good deal out there :)
Yea it has shown up twice and not finished. This woot off has had some issues. In the first hour items would show up for less than 10 seconds and would be sold out with no purchases.
Razer m100 Pro/Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone
$14.99+ $5 shipping
Has anyone ever used one of those? Are umpc worth having, cause they look like lowend small laptops that are still too big to put in your pocket.
^^^Stephen, get off your damn laptop in class and pay attention

the tiny PC looks cool, but i don't think i'd have any use for it.