they probably have a bajillion of these damn things...

hmm. might be a hot deal, if it comes with real human hands...
i think the long wait is part of what makes a woot off unique. sometimes it sucks but i think snagging a good item because you waited through a bad one is pretty cool.
Well you definitely got a good point there.

Lol im trying to keep myself as busy as possible so that I can stay awake. However the whole time I have been :eek: like crazy.
heh. I can't stay awake any longer. Gluck to people staying awake for a while longer, hopefully this same product won't be here when i check in the morning. hah.
How the hell am I expected to sleep with wootoffs.
Better now than finals week I suppose.
Razer Pro|Tone m100 In-ear Ear Phones

$29.99+ $5 shipping
condition: New product(s): 2 Razer Pro|Tone m100 In-ear Ear Phones
TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

$279.99+ $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished product(s): 1 TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator
0% bought 1
0% bought 2
0% bought 3

sold out before it even started (on the earphones)

wonder how long this gps will stay up.
OMG a Excalibur Emergency Roadside Kit for $14.99. Its all I ever wanted!!! LOL
Ultrex Flash Fryer

$19.99+ $5 shipping
condition: New product(s): 1 Ultrex 2 Liter Stainless Steel Flash Fryer - 416337
not a bad price nothing great though seem to be going pretty quick
guess ill wait for next item
i have gotten 2 boc but that was 2 and 5 its grown alot since then really hard to get one now.