The last 3 or 4 woot-offs have blown, why would this one be any different? They have people calling in sick to work, staying up for 40+hours staring in front of a computer screen trying to get people to buy crap that they pay pennies on the dollar for. And you know what? They sell out everytime!

I quit caring about Woot and their suck ass woot-offs months ago.
I just stopped cause I got tired of having to check their page every day. That got old real quick. Who cares about woot. I'll stick with newegg and bestbuy.
i'd look forward to woot offs more if they stuck with interesting tech products and not toasters and roombas and stuff

(i just saw a roomba came up, ahhhh)
Looks like they dropped the price on this gateway, but didn't rewrite the description "that Woot is selling a convertible for six hundred bucks."

Bring on the crap!
Now on woot more wine!!

Ty Caton Trio
$54.99+ $5 shipping

Available (what's this?)
1 Ty Caton 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Ty Caton 2003 TyTanium
1 Ty Caton 2003 Zinfandel
Wine What the Hell are they doing over there in Carrolton, TX???
We want computer parts, and cool gadgets.
did they do the clix again?
i was in a meeting
I betting a booger on steroids will be up next or in the next few items.
this wine crap is just fluff/filler. They have a whole site dedicated to wine, why bring it over to the woot off. load of crap. we want the good stuff!
I swear, the day Newegg starts selling wine...

Closest thing they have are wine towers and coolers. I'll let those slide.
Side note, if anyone bought the Gateway tablet, and later on finds they do not like it give me a hollar or PM..
Yeee HAAAAA !!! I was right. BOC NOW. I got one too. :D :p
Holy crap - they are already gone !!!

Also - it did not give the option of "I want three". Only one.
dammit I randomly decided to check the wootoff and they had BoC and as soon as I clicked I want one it changed items
:p :) :D

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WHAT THE HELL!! MY WOOT WATCHER F'ED UP!! Was still showing the freaking wine at 51% Missed the BOC!!!!! :mad: :mad:
I never saw it either. Why is it not on the blog????I have auto refresh every 5 seconds.WTF
No idea why it's not showing on the blog or woot forum. If you look at the posts about the current MP3 player though you will see a lot of comments about it.

Only was allowed to order one. Said something about spreading the wealth....
Tooo Slow for BOC I'm guessing. I wonder if you have to live on the West coast to get in.
Wow, I clicked right when it appeared. No go, way to go one having the shittiest servers ever woot.
wtf i hit i want this and it was already sold out?

LoL, I acctually wanted one of those 6 gig drives for school. Took 3 minutes for the page to load. Way to go comcast.