Damn I wanted the garden lamps

anyways LOLZ!

We Card Under 256MB

There you are, installing your pirated copy of Vista, eagerly anticipating the pretty, fancy, pretty fancy new interface, ...only to discover that your video card can’t handle it. What, now you have to actually spend money to take full advantage of Vista? You didn’t spend all that time on those torrent search sites for this!
the sales over =)*

i just got into this today and im already addicted. never know what kind of deals will pop up
They are going quick now. Hard to keep up (my laptop keeps beeping at me and pulling me away from Scrubs) :p
Wow, don't get me wrong, I love Woot.com, but lately, their stuff has really been sucking.

This wootoff is unimpressive so far.
Rofl at description on the sub
We Love The Subs

Now, we don’t blame you people for skipping over these product descriptions. As a few of you have pointed out, they do tend to be heavy on the flights-of-fancy and light on actual product information. And few of the cultural references have anything to do with American Idol or pro wrestling, so we see how many of you may get confused.

But now we’re in the middle of a Woot-Off. Our servers need all the help they can get. We can’t have people gunking up the works by posting unnecessary questions in the forums. So let’s say it out loud and in bold:


That’s right. You can enjoy this long-excursion 8” Sirius SIR-PS1 subwoofer without paying a dime in monthly subscription fees. Its 160-watt amp and tuned passive radiator are beholden to nobody. You buy it, you own it. You pays your money and you takes your subwoofer. You toucha my subwoofer, I breaka you face. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. And in case you’re still wondering:


So don’t ask.
FUCK this is the last thing I needed tonight

I have work so early...

and I'm gonna get so little sleep...

My understanding is that they have a set number items over a max duration. Whichever comes first and the wootoff ends.

They've had ALOT of craptastic items so this may be a long wootoff.

Now they have a blackberry that is selling for more than even Tigerdirect.
i think i'll take one of these, i've been waiting for a portable dvd player for a while now.

can't be too bad? hopefully

or maybe not. i'm not always a fan of refurbished
shit i have an unopened portable dvd player that has sat in the box since christmas 05...and it was still even cheaper than this refurbished junk.
Pffft, I'll sell you my portable DVD player for 50 bucks.

Wait a sec... yeah, go ahead and buy this one. Buy three for that matter!!!
heh, now we have wrist walkie talkies.

guess it wouldn't be hard to loose - you would remember exactly when and where you threw it away, :)
Logitech mm28 Flat Panel Portable Speakers
$19.99+ $5 shipping

Im about to go to sleep hopefully i dont miss any good stuff.
The wine wouldn't be bad, but the last 2 orders of wine I got from Woot tasted like bottled dingleberries.
Breathalyzer for sale right after the wine. Good to see woot has a bit of a sense of humor while unloading this unmitigated crap. Heh. :)
when the hell is the good computer stuff coming on? This woot Blows.....atleast last one was"ok"
The last 3 or 4 woot-offs have blown, why would this one be any different? They have people calling in sick to work, staying up for 40+hours staring in front of a computer screen trying to get people to buy crap that they pay pennies on the dollar for. And you know what? They sell out everytime!

I quit caring about Woot and their suck ass woot-offs months ago.