Wireless network reach

Aug 19, 2003
I'm currently using a Netgear WGR614 802.11g router to provide a wireless connection to a computer with a d-link 802.11g card. The connection works fine when I put the computer close to the router but when I move the computer to the other end of the house (where I want it to be) the signal cannot reach and I get no connection. I have tried moving my router and card antennas around quite a bit to get a signal. Sometimes I get a decent enough link to establish a connection, but its flaky at best.

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest something to get the signal boosted into that room. Right now I bought an extra Netgear WG602 access point to put in a room between the computer and router. After going through the proper settings (I think) the computer can read the SSID from the AP and connect to it, but this does not provide an internet connection. Maybe with more tweaking it will. I set the AP and the router to be the same SSID with no encryption. Should I just buy new antennas and if so can I get suggestions?