Windows Server 2019 + Hyper-V + Remote Desktop Services


Jan 17, 2020
I have a Hyper-V 2019 Server

The Hyper-V server will host VM desktops (maybe VDI)
Multiple users will be connecting the the VM desktops (internally)

Which role services do I need to install for this scenario ?

From what I have found I have to have
remote desktop virtualization host

but what about (can these be installed on the hyper-v server)
(the hyper-v server is merely a member server)
remote desktop connection broker
remote desktop gateway
remote desktop licensing
remote desktop session host
remote desktop web access

Thank you for your help...
Are you setting up a VM to be used as an RDS server with RDS CALs that everyone will be logging into? or are you just setting up a bunch of Windows VMs and each user will connect to their own VM?

For the second option you don't need any RD roles to be installed, just treat them like normal Windows boxes.

For the first option I have only done simple single RDS server installs so the roles all get installed \ configured on the main RDS VM. (I am sure there is a way to run these from other boxes or a pool, Someone who works with larger businesses would need to chime in.) I believe since server 2016 (maybe 12?) RDS servers must be on a domain, so you may need a couple DC VMs as well if they don't already exist elsewhere.

Our typical installs look like:

Hyper V Server (Hyper-V role)
--- RDS Server (all rds roles)
--- File \ Print Server (file and print sharing roles)
--- DC1 (AD, DNS, DHCP, Etc)
--- DC2 (AD, DNS, DHCP, Etc)

I usually give this link to our newbies as a solid starting point for configuring the RDS server portion.
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Is it ok to install ALL RDS roles on a Hyper-V member server ?
or is this bad practice ?
I'm pretty sure it's fine, Microsoft specifically includes the "Quick Start" option for automatically installing all the roles needed for a single server RDS deployment. This is a pretty ballsy option to include if it goes against best practices. (not to say it isn't possible with MS lol)


If you are really worried about it I would try posting someplace like Spiceworks. There is not a huge MS Server community here in my experience.