windows 8 installer names


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Apr 4, 2004
I bought windows 8 twice but I cannot for the life of me find where I put the isos does anyone know what the names MS would have used by default for the isos might be so I can find them on my hard drives?

A side question I need to fix mbr, is the windows 7 and 8/8.1 MBR the same? IE if I use one of my windows 7 disks to bootrec will it work find for windows 8 installs?
The one I purchased back in Jan 2013 was just called Windows.iso

I'd just use windows search for .iso and let it go, if it's an iso it'll eventually find it.
I finally found one of them and found an old DVD of the other. I hope the new CEO cleans up this crap. First you of course cannot use 8.1 media with an 8.0 key, thanks butt heads so you force me to waste my freaking time installing 8.0 then upgrading for free to 8.1. Second the installers were never able to properly repair windows installs after I messed with trying to downsize and clone the old windows install I ended up needing to reinstall both copies of windows. And the only way even after that to get the crap to boot was to remove all the other drives, repair and then reinstall the other drives and of course I couldn't figure out how to do much of any of this with windows media had to download ultimate boot CD. This was a big waste of time for something that should have been easy. MS needs to just buy out acronis or something and include the shit on their disks for free so people can do what they want. If someone isn't technically inclined no way they can figure any of this crap out.
You could have used a Windows 8.1 KMS key for installation. Once that was complete, all you had to do is replace that key with your normal key at the command prompt. It worked great for me. Also, did you partition the drive at GPT or MBR and what size is the drive?
I did neither all I tried to do was shrink an existing windows drive so it could be cloned to an SSD. I did that successfully with parted magic on ultimate boot cd and then windows was broke from there on out. Didn't touch the system drive, MBR or anything. And of course ironically windows has no problem seeing the drive and its content now that its up and running. Also the other dumb thing is windows disk manager which can never shrink a drive much at all. If that had just worked as it should ( I only had 50GB on a 185GB partition and windows couldn't shrink it smaller than 140gb) I would have saved a lot of time.

The other really stupid crap is how in this day and age windows doesn't have the ability to do a decent clone on its own. On top of that is the royal stupidity of SSD makers who ship shit acronis or other cloning software which is so limited in functionality they might as well not ship it at all at least then none of us would make the mistake of installing the shit only to find out it cannot do anything useful. Hilarious logical blunder. Almost all cloning software I have tried that shipped with an SSD is completely incapable of doing the basic shit 90% of everyone who buys an SSD would need it to do. Simply somehow be able to clone a windows install on a larger partiion onto a smaller SSD. Most people who buy SSDs are upgrading from larger hard drives not upgrading from some imaginary 60GB hdd from a 15 years ago. So in the end a very simple process ends up costing almost everyone who does it hours of frustration. I never really ran into this before because I always used to take the opportunity to format but I was in a hurry this time and thought my stupid ass would actually try to make use of the garbage they ship.
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