Windows 11 Directstorage BypassIO not supported: sysmondrv [solved]


Feb 22, 2003
So today I learning more about Directstorage and when seeing if it was supported on my computer I found it said it wasn't supported due to a driver "SysmonDrv"

in powershell you can see if it is supported with command:
fsutil bypassIo state c:\

When I ran it it shows an error of:
PS C:\Users\User> fsutil bypassIo state c:\
BypassIo on "c:\" is not currently supported
    Status:  506 (At least one minifilter does not support bypass IO)
    Driver:  SysmonDrv
    Reason:  The specified minifilter does not support bypass IO.
    Storage Type:   NVMe
    Storage Driver: Not BypassIo Compatible

I did not see a fix for this on the net so here it is. There is a program called sysmon from sysinternals causing this. I believe it got installed with Microsoft power toys.

Uninstalling PowerToys did not get rid of this error for me, had to move to the next step

To remove sysmon.exe run services.msc and stop sysmon64 and then disable it. Then run powershell and run:
sysmon64.exe -u force
Reboot computer and run the
fsutil bypassio state c:\
again to see if problem goes away.

Another way to see if Directstorage is working is by using the xbox game bar when typing win+g > hitting the gear (settings) icon and going to gaming features tab.

I don't own a Directstorage game but knowing it should work when I get one is a nice feeling.