Windows 10 system restore to prev. restore point takes over 2.5 hr.

Happy Hopping

Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 1, 2004
In the past few mth., I look after 2 unrelated windows 10 laptop, both requires a sys. restore as the PC is running very slow, the task bar icons takes forever to populate, slow over all.

The 1st PC, I pick the prev. restore pt. created by windows 10. I honestly thought it has lock up during sys. restore, as nothing happens for easily 1/2 hr., so did a shut down, and eventually windows 10 won't load up, and have to a factory reset.

The 2nd PC, after watching it for 20 min., I leave it untouched, then 2.5+ hr. later, the sys. finish off the restore.

But w/ windows 7, that process takes 15 min. at the most.

Is it something about windows 10 that is always like this?