Windows 10 Home crashing Intel NUC when not connected to the internet?


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2011
I built an Intel NUC for my mother for Christmas. It runs Windows 10 Home and Office 2003, and assorted utilities. But it kept crashing. Investigating the Event Logs seemed to indicate that it was the Connected User Experience service causing the crashes, because it was crashing when not connected to the internet. After I connected the PC it was good as gold. Has anyone else seen this? I've disabled the CUE service. The internet connection is wifi and the PC is sufficiently far away that the connection can drop. My mother isn't bothered about the lack of internet - she uses her iPad for that.

Has anyone else seen similar?
I've built a number of NUC's for clients, usually 615SYH models running either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional and this is something I have never experienced.

My daughter uses the demo machine and it's never done this either.

If you click the start bar and start typing 'reliability monitor' and click the first program that comes up does it give you any hints?