Windows 10 Dual Monitor - sleep one monitor only?


Nov 30, 2019
Has anyone had any luck trying to sleep one monitor only in a dual or multi monitor setup?
other than physically turning it off, i don't know if it can be done without some sort of program.

Looks like displayfusion might be able to fake something really close.
Yeah, I saw that. Some were saying just use a black background and shrink everything down when you're not using the second monitor. That would reduce power consumption, but the back lighting is still on. I'll probably just turn it off when I don't need it. Microbrains will probably implement that some time in the future, probably 2531 or so. Or maybe not, with ultra wide and 4K-8K monitors coming.
The smart monitor thing I'd really like is if Windows would automatically switch everything over to my side screen when I switch my main screen over to my work laptop. I use the side screen to play music and keep an eye on my email while I'm working.

As far as putting monitors to sleep goes as far as I know it's all or none unless you go into display settings and disable the extras or just bit the power button.
Hmmmm I do it all the time, unless you're asking for something different?

Windows Key + P and a side-menu should pop up and you can select which screen you want off or on. "PC screen only" or "Second screen only".