Windows 10 consumes CPU and memory specific hours of the day


Feb 24, 2017

for many months now I am trying to find out what makes Win 10 consume CPU and memory specific hours of the dy (23:00 - 02:00).

When I open the task manager, I can see different processes consuming resources; anything from svhost to Opera or the Task Manager itself.

I have checked if it is attempting to update windows but the active hours prevent it from this.

Anyone any idea where to look at?

As said, the task manager shows different processes to consume resources.

How do I disable indexing? When I go to control panel and settings and select the folders the Pause button is disabled
drive properties > tools > optimize
turn off scheduled optimizations.

drive properties > general > untick bottom indexing box
pendragon1 Thanks I disabled it. Let's see what happens.

I also moved some apps to use the NVidia card instead of the integrated one. Not that it will make a difference
Steps 1

  1. Open the task manager.
  2. Checked what are Processes running under Apps and Background processes.

Steps 2

  1. Go to Run and type resmon.exe and it will open the Resource Monitor
  2. Then you can see the CPU and Memory usage.