Windows 10 and CPU usage at 100% and Feature Update 1903


Dec 18, 2010
I'm posting the below issue to leave a record for anyone else that has it will be able to find a possible fix as I could not find one.

Last week my CPU was running at 100% all the time for 5 days straight. After uninstalling most programs and hardware to no effect I re-imaged the system. Everything is running the latest versions of SW/Drivers. It was working fine for a few days but now is back to running at 100% CPU all the time (CPU Fan is also always on high).

Task Manager: Processes – There is no one processes that is all ways at 100%. It will normally be switching between whatever program’s are open and if none are open then Task Manager itself will use most of the CPU most of the time.

Task Manager: Details – I noticed this time that even though the CPU is at 100%, System Idle Process is still keeping at 99-95%.

I also noticed that OBS and Streamlabs show CPU usage at 1-5% when Task Manager is showing 100%. The system is sluggish and with the fan at high all the time I cant use it like this.

Contacted Microsoft support. They requested I run the Windows Update tool as it would fix corrupted files. From: Click “Download tool now”. I was instructed to chose the upgrade option. After running the upgrade I still have the same issue.

After this did not work they escalated the issue to a ‘Install specialist’. They reinstalled windows using a installer from a folder on the ISO (don’t remember the folder) and requested I update my BIOS. So I updated my BIOS, completed the Windows install, installed all my programs and did my Windows updates. All was fine to this point. There was one update left, the ‘Windows Feature Update 1903’. Ran this update, rebooted and once again, CPU at 100% - 100% of the time. I reverted Windows to a previous version and the issue was fixed!

After this I contacted Microsoft back about the same ticket so they could upload my system logs and in hope they can fix this issue before more people have to wast time with it (this took a week of my life).

Thumbs up to those Microsoft tech’s, as a IT tech myself, trying to solve a issue with nothing specific to look at is not an easy task.

My System:
Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i7 4770K Unlocked
GTX 1070
32GB Ram
ASUS Xonar Essence STX
Elgato HD60 Pro
Samsung 840 Pro



Oct 4, 2015
Task Manager: Details – I noticed this time that even though the CPU is at 100%, System Idle Process is still keeping at 99-95%.
That is really weird.
I wonder if it is related to a hardware interrupt problem. Specifically, one or more of the PCIe cards you have installed.
If you were to continue attempting to run 1903 and find cause of the 100% CPU usage issue, I'd try removing the Elgato HD60 Pro, ASUS Xonar Essence STX and PEXHDCAP60L one card at a time and see if the CPU usage issues goes away. Whatever card was removed last would be the culprit.


Mar 12, 2016
The 1903 update is been creating a mess all over the place even i installed the same and created issues with my DVD as well as Wifi


Limp Gawd
Apr 17, 2019
Had exactly the same issue myself. Killed the task (was a Windows Notifications service or something) in Task Manager using all the resources & was fine until the next reboot & here we go again! Rolled back to 1809 & it has been fine again. Going to wait now until Windows Update gives me the option as installed it via Upgrade path from ISO previously.