Win10: INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE BSOD.. if I use Intel SATA controller instead of ASMedia controller


Nov 15, 2006
I have the 2 SATA disks in a working Win10 PC connected to the respective SATA controllers below:

C: Samsung SATA (boot disk) ---> Asmedia controller
ST4000DX001 SATA ---> Intel controller


Everything works great. However, I would like to connect my Samsung boot disk to the Intel SATA controller and connect the ST4000DX001 to the Asmedia controller.

If I do that, the system BIOS confirms I've connected these disks to the correct SATA controllers. However, when I turn on the PC, when Windows tries to startup, it produces the INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE BSOD.

Sooo... How do I swap disk controllers for these disks without causing an INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE BSOD?

I know there are several online videos dedicated to fixing INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE BSOD's via CMD Command Prompt. However, I don't want to blindly follow the wrong tutorial that may permanently screw up my Windows 10 install, if not applicable.


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
Hmmm, seems a bit odd. You usually encounter that error when the needed drivers are not installed, but if you were able to access your 2nd drive from windows previously then obviously the correct drivers are installed.

Other than that, it might be related to the configuration of the Intel SATA controller. This is usually an issue if the controller is configured for RAID. This is similar to standard AHCI mode, but often requires extra configuration within the BIOS (since it's intended for RAID or SSD caching). Double check in your bios that the Intel controller is configured for regular AHCI and not any form of RAID.