Will this fry my board/processor?

Jul 21, 2004
Hello everyone!

Right now I have Asus P4P8X SE with my old 1.8 p4 in it. Asus says my mobo can handle 3.2ghz+. What the hell is 3.2+, either is can handle 3.4 or not right? Second of all and probably most importantly. Asus says that my front side bus compatibility is this: 800(O.C) / 533 / 400 MHz. Now if I went out and bought a 3.2 ghz 800fsb processor and dropped it in, would this fry my chip/board :confused: ? If so, I don't understand why asus would support 3.2+ when all 3.2+ are all friggin 800fsb. I hope one of you have seen this before and can explain this to me. Thanks!
Um... I may not be alone here in being really confused with most of your post. But to answer your most obvious question, no your board won't be fried by using a 3.2Ghz chip with 800FSB. Thats an 865 board, it's built for these sorts of chips.

I'm more interested in learning why you thought the chip wouldn't work in the first place.
Ok, after reading my post after it was up for a while I can see why people were confused. Let me try and rephrase a few things.

Currently my set up is this:
Asus P4P8x SE
Intel P4 1.8ghz 400 fsb
1 x 512 DDR266
Geforce4 MX 420

I would like to upgrade, so I decided that I would purchase the fastest chip my mobo would support. Asus states that 3.4ghz is the fastest chip supported. I have no problems...up until this.

On Asus' web site if you would go here and look, you can see that my mobo supports fsb speeds of 400/533/800(O.C.). That is all good, but the "(O.C.)" confuses me. The over clock makes it sound like I can only use 400mhz fsb chip and overclock it to 800mhz. I have never come across something like this, which is why I am confused.

So upgrading to a 3.4ghz w/ HT at 800fsb would not be a problem? Would I need to adjust any bios settings or is this all automatically detected?

P.S. I also plan on getting 2 x 512 DDR 400 and eventually a better vid card. If any of you have any suggestions also I'm more than willing to listen. Thanks.
That P4P8X-SE has only an Intel 865P chipset, which lacks official 800MHz FSB support. You'll need to buy the P4P800-SE, which uses the Intel 865PE chipset, for official 800MHz FSB support.
Ok, so even though this board does not have "official" 800fsb support, would dropping in an 800fsb chip be risky?
CarpeDiem601 said:
Ok, so even though this board does not have "official" 800fsb support, would dropping in an 800fsb chip be risky?
You'd probably be overclocking the core-logic chipset quite a bit beyond Intel's specs. Your system will boot up, but isn't guaranteed to run stable.

In other words, you may experience the occasional lock-up or program crash.