wifi speeds low for some reason?


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 29, 2011
So I have a second rig set up and there is no capability to use a network cable there. Its a Ryzen 1800X on an ASRock B450m Pro4 rev 2.0 board. I have a TPlink wifi 6 add in card that works great, I've used it in a number of builds and it always maxes out my internet connection with no problem.

I have installed on the board an Asus sound card in the x1 slot, RX 6600 in the x16 slot and the wifi card in the x4 slot, which according to the manual should be 2.0 x1, 3.0 x16, 3.0 x4. However, my download speeds are capped at about 60mbps instead of the usual 600 I get on other devices on my wifi. I tried my USB wifi dongle, which normally maxes out at 300mbps, and it also only gets to 60 on this PC.

I can't figure out why it is doing this. Even if the slots arrangement was somehow capping the bandwidth to the add in card, the USB should be fine? Its a fresh install of Windows 10 and theres basically nothing on it. I was going to put Diablo IV on this machine and noticed the download was very slow.
do a "network reset" in settings, i think 10 has that option...

Ok I'll try this. I did reset the router just in case but both my phone and main PC get full speed. I also put the wifi card in my main rig and checked it and it works fine. My connection caps out around 650-700mbps and thats what it gets.
I figured it out eventually, I had to take the sound card out. Even though the manual doesn't specify it seems like adding in a 3.0 x4 m.2 SSD takes over the bandwidth for slot 3 which is where the wifi card was if slot 1 is populated as well.