Why I still like 1 Gb Ethernet over WiFi

I bridged the NIC's on both machine but the copy speeds are extremely slow now, like floppy disk speed,
Network NICs Bridged.jpg
Bridged is wrong technology you just created a network loop.
Bonding is what your looking for, and the switch needs to support whatever method your using too (there are multiple), should you attempt it. Waste of time imho.
I don't think bonding is required for multipath, but I never seen it working ether. As far as I know, requires multiple transfers.
I posted long ago how to get 40gig on the cheap https://hardforum.com/threads/40-10gb-ethernet-under-500-noisy-but-fast-howto.1991874/
I personally run 10gig over fiber on https://mikrotik.com/product/crs312_4c_8xg_rm I wouldn't wish this switch OS on anyone but it does the job without the noise of cisco hardware. It still has fans tho.
Thank you! According to that article, it was available in windows 8? An that was smb 3.0--aren't we up to 3.1 now?

SMB 3.0 Multichannel works just fine in Windows 8 and newer - I used to rely on it before I went 10G Ethernet. There's nothing you have to set - it just works... doing file transfers over SMB. Any other type of network traffic is completely unaffected.
Yeah multichannel SMB works great and is pretty much automatic. It's flexible also, so you can have one computer using 3x 1Gigabit connections while another computer uses 1x 2.5GbE and it will still work fine. It used to behave weird on computers with multiple network connections of different speeds, like if you had one computer with both a 1Gb network connection and a 100Mb network connection, it would transfer at 200Mbps instead of 1100Mbps, but it seems like they fixed that in more recent versions. Now you can even enable WiFi in addition to your Ethernet connection for a speed boost (assuming that the other end, and your network topology, can support the extra speed).

Although you can just plug in multiple Ethernet connections and be done with it in most cases, I prefer to only have one network connection with an IP and a gateway (internet access) and the others with an IP but no gateway (no internet access), so that all my internet traffic still only flows over one of the NICs, and the others are used for nothing but local traffic.

Just picked up this today, had to call Cox twice since it wasn't provisioned correctly when I initially called to add the modem to the network.