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NASCAR-BOINC challenge series similar to Formula-BOINC, only revolves around the NASCAR races. I realize it's mostly an American/USA sport, but it starts in February and ends in November. Has plenty of races throughout the year and are only on the weekends. I think their are 34 or 35 races and they're always on Sunday.

So the "Laps" can start on Friday afternoon/evening and end Sunday night. Instead of calling them Sprints, they can be called Laps. Or cups.
As a way to alert the project admins about the sudden DDOS attack their servers will soon have you can somehow automate an alert.

Get a list of all the projects contact email address. Let a random number generator create 35 numbers in random order (1 - 35) standing for each project. Then have it automatically email the project admin(s) the date(s) we'll be hammering their servers, but make sure they don't let that known to the public. You can do all this in Jan. when the contest starts and then 3 days before each event occurs you can email the project admin once more alerting them.

That will solve the issue of not having enough work to go around for majority of the projects assuming the admins of them are proactive.
Too many challenges in my opinion. As it is...many get burned out quick. When tossing that into the pot with teams still interested in FB, Pentathlon, SETI-Wow, WCG birthday. WCG X-mas, PrimeGrid series, etc.... I would rather find one big event to host each year. Plus it would be a huge knockoff of Formula-BOINC. Even if we did host it better...
It wouldn't take much to steer people away from FB.
Like a website that didn't crash before each event and an admin willing to respond to people even if it were to just tell them to F&&& off!....lol
May want to run this by other teams - see their interest in transitioning. Because I agree with Gilthanis, you would either do this or FB, not both. And it wouldn't be much fun just racing against ourselves :D
Whats that you say? a new race?

I really like almost everything there is about FB including when occasionally a sprint overwhelms a project. It would be boring if it was just the most powerful team winning every time. The sneakiest, most skilful team should have a chance of winning every now and then.

The one thing I don't like is the admin but I'm reluctant to complain much because I don't actually pay him anything for the service? he provides.

Should we offer to take FB off his hands? Who knows, maybe it would be relief for him to be rid of it.
A while back he mentioned the possibility of giving up on WUProp and possibly FB. Basically, he is an admin that doesn't let anyone help him. He doesn't respond to many people. So, if he fixes an issue you have it just starts working one day. When he gets criticism he balls up and takes it personal. His team typically comes to his defense and talks about how he does all of this for free on his time with no help (self induced mind you) and ignore the fact that if he actually responded to people that they would be less irritated and more understanding. I'm not one to cater to someone's need of constant praise. You are either good at what you do or you aren't . Simple. A good admin is not the same as a good developer. If you wear both hats, you need to come to that realization. Sometimes getting help is the best thing. However, I wouldn't put too much stock into him being open to the idea.
In my opinion the purpose of these challenges is to bring attention and computing power to lesser known projects. Without alerting these projects that they're about to get a crap ton of help in a matter of days kind of defeats that purpose of helping science. Also, just look at league 1. Gridcoin wins basically every single time. So even when a project can't handle the power it's not going to stop the most powerful team from dominating still (gridcoin). Hell, even if every team in the FB Sprint teamed up against Gridcoin they'd still kick our ass.

He wouldn't ever give it up. Per what Gil just said. His ego is far too great for that.